SoCS – Drive

Linda is the host of SoCS. Her prompt from Saturday was “drive.”
“Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!”




My first thought was driving cars. I have blogged about the cars I have had in my lifetime. I enjoy my current car very much. I bought my new-to-me car for my 65th birthday and retirement. My plan was to take the grand kids on driving trips post retirement. I have given some consideration to getting rid of my car for a smaller one, but I like it very much. 

Then I thought about drive-in movies. I have blogged about that too. Fun memories for sure. I don’t know if there are any left that aren’t exclusively used for swap meets now.  Since I can’t go to theatres because of perfume allergies drive-ins might be a good option. My reality though is that I prefer the comfort of my own home with the ability to start and stop at my discretion

My next thought was about what drives me. I have been a very driven person my entire life. I have set goals for myself and pushed until I met them. I tend to drive myself to get things done to the point that I can hurt my aged body. I am learning to not drive myself to the level of pain. 

Then I settled on the thought of what drives me nuts.
The list off the top of my head.
People that are: unkind – hurt people or animals – dishonest – smelly – 
Hidden ingredients in foods that harm me
Foods with: artificial ingredients – soy – artificial colors – artificial sweeteners 
Scented: anything – people wearing perfume – air fresheners – cleaners – detergents – soaps – 
Bad drivers : no signals -run lights – unsafe- tailgate – speed – 
Temperatures that hurt my body: Above 90 F or below 60 F

Then I went back to places I liked to drive to when my body allowed it. I loved to drive to the beach. It is my happy place. It was about an hour or so from home. Now it is more like two hours.
I loved to drive to the mountains. A trip to the snow took about an hour and a half. I could visit and then return to warmth in the same day. I enjoyed going to the lake also. 
I enjoyed driving to the desert. There are some beautiful ones about an hour away. In my younger years I would climb the rocks and take tons of pictures. 
I enjoyed driving to thrift stores and scrapbooking stores. Once upon a time my spouse and I drove over 3000 miles from CA to New York via scrapbooking stores and stereo stores. It was a really fun time, ending with a visit with his family. 

That pretty much sums up where my brain went with the prompt “drive.”