Day 173 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Grateful – There is always something to be grateful for.

Today I am grateful for a list of things. My gratitude goes deep and strong.

I am grateful I woke up super early and a dear friend reminded me to meditate.

I am grateful I was able to meditate without medical reasons stopping me.

I am grateful I wrote about my meditation as it brings me clarity.

I am grateful I was able to finish some chores without being wiped out.

I am grateful I found the paperwork needed for an important appointment today.

I am grateful I was able t go to STAPLES to get documents printed. All that new fangled stuff intimidates me. I got it done.

I am grateful the meeting went well with pleasant conversation included.

I am grateful that I expressed genuine gratitude to my lunch companion. 

I am grateful I got some supplies I need for work tomorrow.

I am grateful that I came home and took a nap. 

I am grateful my body is recovering from being more ill than I like to let on. 

I am grateful that these last 10 days I have carefully listened to my bodies needs and shut down as many things as I could to rest and recover.

I am grateful I have wonderful friends who want the best for me.

I am grateful for the universe bringing strong women in to my life. 

I am grateful knowing others care about my happiness. 

I am grateful for my evening call with the dearest of friends.

I am grateful that my spouse is making dinner as I don’t have the energy today.

I have really been feeling such gratitude today. From my aching head to my weary toes I am grateful for where I am right now. I of course made promises to myself that if things go the way I hope I shall do…… 

I am grateful that the universe makes things work out the way they should. I am grateful that I am trying hard not to believe that what I want may not be what the universe plans.