The Beautiful Mistake

My friend and I went into the convenience store to check out the fodder of snacks on the shelves. I personally don’t care what brand of junk food I get, as long as it has chocolate in it. My friend scanned the options from the front to the back of the shelves. It seemed the agent at the counter thought her motion of touching all the packages was something to be suspicious of. He followed her every move around the store hoping to stop her from using a five-finger discount. I was getting red from embarrassment. I am too much of a chicken to steal anything. 

I had to convince her to stay away from the frosty items because anything in the deep freeze would surely melt by the time we got to the car. She wondered why 100-degree heat would make ice cream melt. Sometimes she can be such an idiot I have to hold my tongue.  

We made our choices and approached the counter. She asked the clerk how high the lottery was this week. He gruffly stated that it had reached $250,000,000. He assumed she wanted a ticket and added the price to our bill. She was too shy to correct him and handed over her credit card.

We headed to the movies and began scarfing down our goodies. By the time our movie was over, the lottery numbers had been drawn. On a lark, we checked our numbers. We read them and reread them. We couldn’t believe our eyes.

We had won the lottery! This was the most beautiful mistake to ever occur. How do you spend that much money?

.MMA – friend, chicken
Daily Word Prompt – brand, fodder
MLMM – Opposing Forces
Daily Spur – agent
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FOWC – motion, lottery
Three Things Challenge -idiot, shy, high

May I /Can I In The Dating World

Sheryl has given us the word prompt may for the first day of May. My brain went here:

May I join you at the party?
Can I get there by foot?

May I ask you a question?
Can I understand the answer?

May I order for you?
Can you eat two desserts?
May I offer you a beer?
Can you drive after two drinks?
May I call you tomorrow?
Can you see yourself dating me?

May I take you away for the weekend?
Can you pack everything in one bag?
May I introduce you to my family?
Can you make it next weekend?
May I tell you my true feelings?
Can you meet me before midnight?
May I ask for your hand in marriage?
Can you plan everything in time?
May I invite my old girlfriend?
Can you give her a special seat near us?
May I ask your forgiveness for wanting her to come?
Can you give me some frozen peas for my eye?
May I remind you of the good times we had?
Can you see your way to still go through with the marriage?
May I have my ring back?
Can you stop throwing things at me?

As I wrote this in the middle of the night it was a stream of consciousness based on the Word of The Day. Then I saw the SoCS prompt after the fact. I think I’ll use it as a two for one.

Thank you Sadje for the suggestion.


The Plan To Rid Himself Of His Wife

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The Sunday Writing Prompt over at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie is Reasons for Admission. Write about one or more of the “afflictions” listed above that qualified for Admissions to a Women’s Insane Asylum, 1864-1889. Ignore the circled item. 

He knew he had to make his letter look good. He feared he would only have one chance to get rid of his wife. She no longer made HIM, her entire world. For his plan to work he would need to put on his thinking cap and delve into the latest list of reasons for institutionalizing women. Supposedly, there was science behind this list, unlike the first one. The prerequisites for admission were so drivel that barring an overly sympathetic registrar, he felt he was guaranteed success.

He needed to devise an opportunity to gather information for his letter. He promised his wife a relaxing day attending a festival that demonstrated how Ferris wheels were constructed. As they traveled around the exhibitions, looking at everything, he scrawled in his ledger. She was superstitious about carnival rides. At one point, he heard her express a religious opinion about G-d not wanting people to use these new-fangled rides. She knew chapter and verse about what was in the bible. She claimed this excursion was for him only and she found the entire day monotonous. How dare she not revel in what he enjoyed. She repeatedly complained that her mind was still focused on the upcoming wedding of their son. All these details were going to make his task an easy one to complete.

Upon returning home, he penned his letter to be given to the hospital. He was convinced that under the circumstances he was guaranteed they would have no option but to admit his wife of 20 years. He had no doubt, his wife met the standard of a woman who needed to be committed to an insane asylum.

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The Error Of His Ways

Frederick believed that being the heir of the former conductor meant he could err without reprisal. Even knowing that it would make him late, he still chose to stop and buy himself a gift. He carefully tucked his new sheet music under his coat as he rushed through the back door.

Everyone else knew they needed to strive to always do their best. But not Frederick. He did whatever he wanted. He unobtrusively went to his designated spot in the orchestra. Once he placed the base of the double bass in its correct position be picked up his bow.

The new conductor quickly marched over to Frederick. Using his deep, stern voice he requested Frederick to please edify him with an explanation as to why he did not feel the need to be punctual.  

Frederick was dumbfounded by the unexpected confrontation. He wondered if the conductor knew exactly who he was. But before he could ask the conductor, he was instructed to pick up his instrument and permanently leave the premises.

 Three Things Challenge tucked-  buy – rush
Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie err –  heirbase –  bass
Daily Word Prompt  strive
Your Daily Word Prompt edify

I’m Tired of Holding My Tongue

It’s time for a change to happen in some of my personal relationships. I am more than tired of biting my tongue. I no longer want to deal with the  innuendoes. The problem is causing me much unwanted grief. It has gone on for too long now.

I have a wonderfully varied group of family and friends. I accept them for who they are. I expect them to accept me and my own beliefs in return. I have ties with people who are atheists, agnostics, Jews, Catholics, Buddhists, Christians, spiritual non-affiliated, etc. It matters not to me, what faith or lack there of anyone has. It just matters that people are kind, caring, and accepting of everyone while causing no harm.

Last evening, in a fake overture of extending a kind remark, someone was cruelly degrading my beliefs. I immediately balked at what they said. I could hear their smug sense of superiority.   Before the situation became volatile, I ended the conversation. I would never tell someone they were practicing their beliefs in an inaccurate way. I would never tell someone they should do what I do or believe what I believe. So why do some people feel it is OK to chastise me for how I practice my beliefs?

Maybe if I were one who believed in retribution, I could hit them on the head with a balloon full of water. It might wake them to the fact that they were hurting my feelings. If I believed for one minute that it would be an effective way to stop the comments, I would seriously consider it.

I’ve reached the end of the road accepting other people’s condemnations. I want to replace my angst with calm. I need an instant retort that is not unkind but gets my point across.

Perhaps a simple, “You are certainly entitled to your opinion.”

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