Tuesday Reflections

Suffice it to say that I was worried about Annie’s reaction to the fireworks yesterday. Who could blame me? My poor dog reacts so scared and frightened, I am afraid she is headed for a heart attack. I had my stash of everything related to making her day easier on my kitchen counter.

I gave her the first CBD treat at 6:30 when the fireworks started. I also provided regular treats while I put on her Thunder Shirt. I started by adjusting the collar. She just gazed into my eyes and waited for another treat. I repeatedly called her by name and told her what a good girl she was.

After the first CBD treat, she was very calm. As the explosions came more frequently, I half expected her to request some munchies to deal with the noise. It seemed like smooth sailing, until they started going off much closer to my house. I reached for the prescription medication from the vet. If only I was ambidextrous, I might have been able to get her med in the place it was supposed to go. The applicator said to apply the medicine between the lip and the gums. Yeah, sure. The vet tech had told me that if Annie swallowed the medication, it would do no good. I think she swallowed most of it.

Back to the drawing board for me. I gave Annie the 2 mgs of Melatonin that was safe for her. I wanted to suppress her anxiety, so she didn’t freak out as the explosions came closer together. She did great. She wasn’t panting, searching for a hiding place, or running around. She’d look around as the noise increased but did not panic.

At midnight, it was quiet. I took off her Thunder Shirt. Ten minutes later the fireworks stated up again. Poor Annie was frightened, and her heart was racing. I quickly put back on her shirt and gave her treats. She calmed down to a degree. She became a Velcro dog. I had to pet her nonstop. She had to be laying on me as much as she could. It was after 1 am before the house was quiet again.

I learned a lot from this 4th of July. Annie was in much better shape this year than any previous years. I will do even better for Annie next year.

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Sarah Needs To Job Hunt

Inflation had taken a humungous toll on Sarah’s bank account. She was already foregoing all her extravagant self-pampering expenses. She was angry that she had to stop buying all the potions and lotions that made her feel lovely. She was aware that she no longer had a choice in the matter.

After realizing that the incident at the bar was not an unusual phenomenon in her job search, Sarah knew she had to reevaluate her tactics. She could no longer ignore the obvious. She needed answers as to how to fix the situation. It was time to stop sticking her head in the sand, like an ostrich.  No more procrastinating, she told herself. Doing the same thing over and over again was exacerbating the situation. She thought of some specific things she could do to help in her job search. She needed to rewrite her resume, adjust her attitude, and march herself to every respectable  job opportunity listed in the paper.

Sarah’s New Job

To keep harmony in the family, Sarah decided to try out the job her cousin recommended. It seemed like a wholesome place to work. Sarah was beguiled by the sweet elderly customers in the fabric shop. They were very entrenched in their domestic lives. It was a different world than Sarah knew.

Sarah was convinced that the women were all above board with their dealings in the store. Her cousin decided to not provide any spoilers about some of the shady women. She hoped Sarah could figure it out for herself. On one occasion, Sarah’s cousin had to tell her to hush up when one woman decided to nip a button card and hide it in her purse. They often let her get away with little indiscretions. The same woman was later caught with a purse full of stolen notions. When the strap on her purse broke, everything flopped onto the floor exposing her thievery. The thieving woman exasperated the situation by claiming someone else shoved the items in her purse. It was at that precise moment that Sarah decided this job was not for her either. It was time to enhance her resume once again.

#EM-RWP – harmony, exacerbate
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#MVB-PROMPT – spoilers
#TTC – nip, flop
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Sarah Goes Job Hunting

Image of attractive hostess smiling in restaurant

Sarah, the young hostess, wasn’t faring well at fairing down the possibilities of a new job. Her dream of being a hostess in a fancy restaurant, went up in ashes when she broke her boss’s karaoke machine and speakers. Sarah snuck back into the restaurant one last time. She approached the head waiter and asked him about getting a referral from the chief. The waiter quipped, in his nasty way, that it would be impossible for any teenager to be hired as a hostess again. He further explained that her pernicious behavior had all the wait staff snickering behind her back. She left the restaurant deciding that the head waiter was just a flabby boor, who believed only an adult could do her former job.

Sarah needed some inspiration quickly. The balance in her checkbook was less than fifty dollars. Her puppy needed his last shots, and she needed a new lens in her sunglasses. The glasses could wait. The puppy could not. Sarah asked her friends if they knew anyone who lends money to unemployed hostesses. Her prospects were somewhere between slim and none.

Sarah just might have to take that job her cousin offered. Her cousin said it was a golden opportunity to make easy money. Sarah worried about working in a fabric store though. After all, she couldn’t tell the difference between velvet and wool.

MLMM – lens, lends, fairing, faring
#MVB-PROMPT-  ashes, machine, snickering, inspiration
FOWC – referral, quip, nasty
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WOTD Challenge – pernicious, flabby
Daily Word Prompt – boor
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Second Hand Toys Bring First Hand Joys

I decided I had to share the delightful pictures that Facebook and Shutterfly reminded me of today. Seeing the images again, filled me with joy. I couldn’t refrain from laughing at the original expressions of my youngest grandchild.

My daughter purchased a hundred balls for a ball pit she was making in an empty plastic swimming pool. Little Man expressed a desire to play in the balls after we washed them. We granted his wish and permitted him to climb into the tub. His expressions were priceless.

We tried in vain to get him to exit the tub. He would pretend to try and get out, then yell oops, and fall below the balls once again. The robust play time eventually tired him out. I could tell he needed a nap.

By the time he woke up, the balls were in the empty plastic pool waiting for more play time. We certainly got out money’s worth out of that purchase. We couldn’t beat the five-dollar expense of those used ball pit balls.

All the photos are mine and I hold the copyright to them.

Bathtub fun and joy 
Hiding in the wet wet toys
Overjoyed summer