Practicing Gratitude – November 15

In my never-ending score card of decluttering attempts, I am calling today a win. I spent hours in the garage this morning.  I packed a box of new toys and gently used books to donate to a program my city is sponsoring. I filled three bags to take to the thrift store to donate. I boxed up treasures to send to my cousin. She will be getting three large buckets filled with items I know she will find a use for. Some are gifts for her for Hanukkah. I love sharing and knowing if some items don’t speak to her, she will find someone who can use them. I am also sending two quilts I made for the grandkids when they were little.

After sorting things out and purging, I have some empty space in my garage cabinets. I dropped off the bags to the thrift store and went in to peruse the goods inside. I can proudly say that I left with only two items. I bought some ribbon for a project I want to do, and I bought some shower hangers. I am grateful that I am still removing things from my home. “Less is more,” is still my internal mantra.

My shower doors in the guest bathroom are broken. One almost fell off, so it was removed by my spouse. The second sliding door sounds like a screeching tire when you move it. I need to put up a shower curtain so the shower can be used again. The shower hangers were a perfect find today. Hopefully I can get a handy man to come and install new doors.

I did some grocery shopping after the thrift store. I was able to find most of what I needed. I was also on the great hunt for a car adapter for my spouse. I never found what I wanted so I shall look at Amazon tomorrow. I am grateful for Amazon prime. There is not much you can’t find there. My spouse is addicted to purchasing CDs on Amazon. If we do not have a delivery for two days in a row, I think he goes into withdrawal.

My afternoon was filled with lots of nothing. A little laundry, a little tidying up, getting out the winter comforter, and a little playing with the dog, made for a nice day. A yummy dinner of steak, potatoes, and veggies rounded out my day. I am grateful for finding foods that don’t bother my IC. I am grateful that I am eating healthier. I am grateful that my pain levels are tolerable.

I look forward to more days of lots of nothing much to do. I am grateful for the days I have low pain levels. I am grateful for my warm house. I am grateful for allowing things to leave my house that don’t bring me joy.