Broken – Shadorma Poem

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Judy from Life Lessons answered a prompt with a Shadorma poem. It  is a 6-line syllabic poem. The short lines have 3/5/3/3/7/5 syllables. 

Is it worth  
The effort to try   
Not to cry  
Don’t rescue  
You cannot pacify me 
My heart is broken 

30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 15


We made it to the half way point of the 30 day movie challenge.

Today Sandmanjazz asks us to find a movie that broke our heart. 

More than one came to mind. But the one that I found so heartbreaking, was Bridges Of Madison County.  I was still able to go to the theater in 1995. 

Who wouldn’t want to see Clint Eastwood, playing Robert Kincaid, on the big screen. I really wanted Meryl Streep, playing Francesca Johnson, to end up together. It broke my heart that they shared only a short love affair and not a lifetime of happiness.