Brightly Colored – Bright Square

Sometimes, great minds think alike. Sometimes, great minds think for themselves. Becky’s Bright Square for April 20 is a wonderful mosaic piece of art. I was also thinking Bright Colors. But mine are the bright colors I painted my spare bedroom. I found bright colors for the fabrics I used to make the curtains and the quilt also. 

Colorful fabrics
Welcome you to my guest room
Enjoy your night’s sleep

Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed Cousins

Becky is our host for her BrightSquare challenge. Each day more and more talented people respond to her task of posting squares that depict the term BRIGHT. Take a look at some of the wonderful entries.

While perusing my old photos I came across some bittersweet shots.  My eldest grandchild was finally released from the hospital. We were all overjoyed. We celebrated by taking the three Zs and R to a park in the nearby mountains. My two youngest grandkids had such a fun time running around and playing on the different non-standard equipment.

Bright Squares – Hot Tub

Becky is our awesome host of Bright Squares Challenge. Your photo must be in the shape of a square as well as somehow depict the spirit of the word Bright. Make sure to stop and check out what glorious photos others have contributed.

After purchasing a hot tub for my back patio, I realized I needed curtains to block the bright sunshine from getting in my eyes.

A hot water spa
Calms my body and my soul
Never want to leave

Bright Sunshine

Becky brings us more and more ways to look at all things bright. Most of my squares (because I am a rule follower) have been bright smiles. I looked into my older pictures and found these lovely fall shots. They were taken when we took the grandkids to a pumpkin patch. The bright sunshine peeking through the leaves was awe inspiring.

Peeking through the leaves
Photosynthesis takes place
Welcome the sunshine