July 5 – Bright Squares

Becky is the host of Becky’s Square Challenge. This month the challenge is to present trees in a square picture.  

The single jacaranda tree in my upper yard refused to stand up straight. It was attached to a large wooden stake and still grew at an angle. I tried attaching it to my fence, but it still grew at an angle. I finally gave up and let it be. I thinned out the society garlic plants out front and planted them under the tree. They are very happy there and blooming with wonderful purple flowers. My tree has yard art attached on its branches, as well as a hummingbird feeder. I sit on my outside swing and gaze at the beautiful tree every day. It brings me peace.  

Tree Squares July 4

Becky is the host of this wonderful Squares Challenge. This time the prompt is trees. All blog posts must be in the shape of a square. 

My dwarf Myer lemon tree has been moved a few times to try and find its happy place. It seems to be quite content where it is now. The little tree makes me smile. It has survived for five years and produced lemons for four of them.

There are five small lemons on the tree right now. We have numerous critters in the back yard. I fear that once again, this year the citrus rats or squirrels will eat the lemons before I can harvest them. One can only hope.

Tree Squares – Day 3

Becky is our host for Bright Squares. The theme this time is trees. Many people are responding with delightful “square” photos. Join in the fun.

My lovely tree from higher up reminds me of the time a small cat was stuck in the branches.  My dog was going crazy so we decided to go outside and see why. Once we saw the frightened cat, we put the dog inside so she would not frighten the cat. We brought a ladder to the tree to try and calm the frightened kitten. Her leg seemed to be stuck between two small branches. While my spouse talked to him/her I gently broke off one of the small branches freeing the leg. Off she/he ran safely released from her plight. We never saw the cat again.

Tree Squares – July 2

Becky went with another type of tree post today for her squares challenge. Her RULE is that the entry must be in the shape of a square. 

This is the lovely view of my jacaranda tree from my second level balcony. It is easy to see the hummingbirds and bees from here. The very annoying squirrels like to fight in this tree after they have stolen lemons from the neighbor’s trees.