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Three Things Challenge #273 by Pensitivity101 BIRTHDAY, THIRST, DRY

Trying another prompt for fun. 






My May birthday came without much fanfare. As we are still required to stay home, it was an unusual “non-celebration.” The weather was very warm and dry which is typical for our area. I sat outside on my swing trying to decide how I could add some happy to my birthday. As the back yard got hotter, I was feeling very thirsty. My decision was to go to the local IN-N-OUT drive through for a celebratory chocolate milk shake. Yummmmmmy.

RRE 2014 11 19 In N’ Out Burger Chocolate Milkshake



No time for feeling low

Working toward feeling better is taking up more of my time. I am grateful for that. These last few days have been strange.

My current goal is to only require one should of myself a day. For too long I was feeling overwhelmed by my lack of ambition and initiative. I had no desire to do anything and then mentally punished myself for not accomplishing anything. The one should a day is a mental trick to accept myself where I am right now.

My daughter and granddaughter came over to give me a birthday gift. It was odd to have to stay outside and speak with six feet between us. I wanted my hugs, but knew it was not safe. We had a nice chat about what is going on in their lives. My granddaughter is promoting from 8th grade. She is missing her friends and the end of the year activities. My daughter is also a teacher and was expressing her concerns about what the new school year will look like in the fall. I told her about my hours searching on ancestry. She had purchased the DNA kit for me a few years ago and was happy that I am working on the research.

Yesterday, I was working in my garden.  My should was to water my plants and do some weeding. Typically, after I water butterflies, bees, and occasionally hummingbirds come to get water from my plants. As I was watering, I saw a hummingbird flying about six inches from head. I have never seen a hummingbird so close. I softly spoke to the hummingbird and thanked her for coming so close. She stayed there for a few minutes and I kept telling her she was safe and welcome in my garden. My spouse came outside wondering who I was talking to. I explained about my visitor that by then had retreated to the top of the trees. He immediately said it must have been my mom. I knew it wasn’t my mom. Butterflies are who represent my mom. I know many think this is all hooey but it was something I have never experienced before. When I was watering the lower yard awhile later, the hummingbird came back and was a few feet above my head. Again, I thanked her for the visit.

Today my should was to repaint where my dog had scratched up the fence between my yard and the next door neighbor. They have a new dog and it likes to bark at mine, so they have a feud going on. I had replanted a large lavender plant in front of the area where she was scratching the fence. The plant did not make it. I decided to separate one of my huge star lily plants so that I could cover the spot in front of the fence. I painted the fence and then took hours trying to dig out the plant. Little did I know the plant had grown around some tree roots. It took my unskilled use of a three-foot axe to release the plant. I was so exhausted I decided I needed a nap after I successfully removed the plant.

I went back outside after dinner to try to separate the plant and dig the holes. My spouse came out and used the axe to remove more of the old tree roots. I worked on separating the plant for about an hour. I finally had about 15 newly separated plants in their holes. It was dark by then and I was working with little backyard light. I did what I set out to do. I deeply watered all the new spots. I cleaned up my mess, well as much as I could see, and came inside.

I was planning on making brownies for my treat for tomorrow, but I was too exhausted. I think tomorrow’s should will be to make brownies.  Now that is something I can get behind. With doing my shoulds and researching ancestry I am filling my days with more than anxiety and worry. I am grateful for the changes.

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JusJoJan – Jan 24 – Change

Today’s prompt comes from Wendy. It stems from Linda’s word challenge this month. It has been an enjoyable selection from many different bloggers.

 Today is a perfect day to talk about change. On this day in 1973, I became a mom. I was scared and exited at the same time. No one can ever explain the changes a baby will make in your life. I was young and naive and ready to face the new challenges.

I no longer was able to sleep or eat when I was hungry. Instead my needs became secondary to my child. I was grateful for the gift from G-d.  Birthday’s came and changed my baby into a toddler, a child, a teen, a college student, an adult, a coworker, a teacher, and a mom herself.

I have lived through her changes with love in my heart. I was thinking today about my mother’s reaction to the birth of my first born. She was excited and couldn’t focus on her job. I can understand her angst about a young wife and mother taking on the responsibility of a newborn. But she was overjoyed with this new addition to our family.

When my first born gave birth to her baby I drove the 8 hours to be there for her. I was with her until they wheeled her into surgery for an emergency C section. I actually saw her baby before she did. This was my fourth grandchild and each baby added to our family brought such joy along with many changes.  

My baby is 47 today. She lives her life on her terms. She is raising her child in a world very different from the one I raised her in. Many of the changes have been good ones, but realistically not all.

I have to wonder what it will be like when I am a great grandma. How many changes will take place between now and then?



Day 228 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Blog/Birthday Part 2 – There is always something to be grateful for.

Today is my birthday. Today I am grateful for growth. I am grateful for this day not being one of pain and heartache. It’s a day of joy. The joy one feels when your heart is not being crushed. The joy one feels when you realize you have a great deal of control over your emotions.

I have joy today because there are so many wonderful people in my life. I have cousins who rejoice in my happiness. They know exactly who I am, what I have been through, and where I am going. I have long time friends who extend their kind hearts to me. They have known me and stood by me in times of great sorrow and wonderful joy. I have new friends I did not even know a year ago. I cannot fathom what my life would be without them. All these women are a huge part of who I am now, on this the 65th day of my journey. I have so much gratitude for my life as it is today. A year ago I did not know this happiness would be possible.     

After making breakfast, I needed to go to my classroom to pick up my computer and get the cake I forgot in the fridge. I knew there were activities going on, on campus, so I could get into my class without sounding the alarm. As I looked over all that still needed to be done, for a split second thought I should stay and work. The fleeting thought passed quickly.

I decided I would like to hit a thrift store next. It is always a fun way for me to begin my day. I found some DVD seasons that I had been looking for. It was a successful outing.

Next on the agenda was to go and test drive a FLEX. I have been contemplating my next vehicle for about two years. My old car still makes me happy but the idea of entering my next phase with a new or new to me car sounded  appealing.  After the test drive of the new car I wanted to see the used cars they had in stock. The first used car was only two years old but it had obviously been used and abused. I decided if indeed I was willing to purchase a used car I had some research to do. My spouse had already been looking for me and had a good idea of prices. He then showed me a one year old car with lots of bells and whistles that was in very good shape. I can honestly say I did not have new car fever. I explained to the salesman that I needed to see what other used cars were available. We sat outside while the salesman looked up the price of adding a luggage rack. My spouse did some research online as to what used cars were going for and what was available. Of course the manager came over and asked what the car did not have that I wanted. I explained that I liked the luggage rack on the other two models. So of course he asked if he threw in a luggage rack would we make the deal. After research had been done I gave it some thought and said

This was not my plan for the day. But I have no buyers remorse at all. I am very happy that I have made another leap into my next phase. It feels like they are occurring more frequently and with more ease.


Day 222 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Blog/ #SoCS Adverb – There is always something to be grateful for.

 Being a part of  Linda Hill’s stream of consciousness makes my Saturday blog a different kind of blog.  It means instead of focusing on what repeatedly popped in my head, I need to focus on what popped in my head from her topic. A subtle difference but one I enjoy.

 Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “adverb.” Start your post with any adverb and just run with it. Have fun!

As is my usual goal I attempt to join my blog with her parameters. So here goes…… 

Diligently I came to write my Saturday post that I usually complete in the morning.

I warmly reviewed the events of the day.

This morning I hastily cleaned my living room before my acupuncture appointment. 

The appointment was painfully completed as I am in a flare as the weather impacts my body.

I traveled quickly back to my classroom to try and complete more cleaning. 

I had difficulty sorting through years and years of materials in my cupboards. 

Items flew everywhere as I tired to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. 

I worked hard to get as much done as possible.   

After trying unsuccessfully at three locations to find a place for a quick lunch we settled on a coffee shop next to a thrift store.   

We happily tried new items on the menu and were grateful they satiated our hunger. 

Because we were so close, we traveled to the thrift store.   

We regularly find items to purchase and today was no exception. 

We traveled back to our house so I would be at home to participate in the wonderful SWW birthday party in my honor.   

Arriving home I was happily surprised by a birthday gift from a dear friend. 

Donna H. graciously planned and executed a fantastic virtual luau with music, food, ambiance, beverages, and joyous friends on the SWW group site.   

I will always remember this gift from this dear sweet woman. 

Last year was a very sad birthday so I am happy for this change of state.

I need to get to my evening chore, so that I don’t disappoint a friend. 

While I normally complete this blog in the morning, I am grateful for a full day of events to write about.

Want to try your hand at the SoCS challenge? You can  Try your hand at Linda’s challenge.

For all the rules and to read how others interpreted this topic check out her site. There are so many wonderful bloggers who follow the SoCS and I try each week to visit one I haven’t read before.