Day 57- LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Blog/Bullied – There is always something to be grateful for.

While there is always something to be grateful for, today I am so upset with what is going on in my grandson’s life.  He is now attending a private Christian school which his parents sent him to in the hopes he would be getting a better education. 

While there have been some plusses nothing outweighs the fact that he is being bullied. His parents have repeatedly contacted the school about the bullying  via phone messages, emails, and in person. The school has been less than helpful. Even with it getting physical, they have not done anything. The school told my grandson they are angry with him for not telling them immediately and instead informing his parents.They tried to shame him by telling him he should not have his parents contact them he is in high school. They tried to embarrass him by making him read the email his mother had sent out loud in front of a group of adults without an advocate. They tried to get him to say that it was not what happened. He stood by what his mom had written.

It got so bad that he stayed home from school on Thursday. Two of the perpetrators  decided to leave disgusting messages on his phone because they knew he was at home. The messages would make a sailor blush. My daughter was so upset she left work, picked up her son from home, and had her husband meet her at the school. She told administration what was on the messages and they wanted her to repeat them. She refused to speak the filth, but allowed them to hear them. They again victim shamed my grandson. At this point a meeting was held with all admins including the head of the school. The principal proceeded to  victim shame our 14 year old saying that she has known this family since preschool and wonders what he did to initiate this bullying.

The principal decided that it must be his fault because why else would these bullies be attacking him. Let me see. Is it because he is brand new to the school? Is it because he is only one of two biracial students in the freshman class? Is it because he is picked up by a parent in a car they don’t feel is expensive enough?  Is it because he doesn’t have all the things their privileged backgrounds allow them to have?  Not sure, but these are the basis of some of the negative comments they have said to him.   

So after again paying lip service to try and appease his parents, all the while the principal blamed the victim and said she could not assure his safety but would be present at lunchtime to see what was going on.   

He went to school Friday only to not only see that the perpetrator was there, but to be victimized again. The boys stood near him loudly saying that there parents were called but that ones mother said she didn’t “give a shit” that her son had done that. My grandson did what they said and at the end of lunch he asked his teacher if he could go to the office. The teacher asked if he was OK to which my grandson said no and started to cry. He went to the office and their response was to take his phone so he could not call his parents until after school. They told his parents he could not have been too upset because he waited half an hour.  He waited because he did not want to go directly to the office in front of everyone. He did what they told him to do. 

After finding out what had happened this time his parents were furious to say the least. Nothing been done to stop the students and they continued their attacks with no administration in sight. The principal  was and is still trying to victim shame. There is much more to this but the bottom line that instead of trying to protect this young man from the kids the school has known for years, they have decided that they do not need to protect the innocent victim. I am beside myself with anger at this principal, these students, and the administration that do not care about protecting a young man. The only thing the principal stated was that she knew there was a problem.

I am in fear of what I know could escalate to catastrophic endings. I am saddened by this school. My grandson says he does not want to leave. He says it would be running away. He says he does not know what might happen possibly worse if he goes to another school as a new comer. My heart breaks for him.