5 Things Tuesday – Regrets

Dr. Tanya brings us the question, “What are 5 things you regret buying?”

I often get involved with a craft, and then don’t stay with it long enough.

1) I’ve purchased hundreds of wooden rubber stamps. I’ve only used a fraction of them. I got hooked on House Mouse stamps. As new ones came out, I made the drive to the special stamp store and bought it. I’ve used maybe 4 of them. They are very intricate to color once stamped. I decided they did not bring me joy.
2) I purchased tons of supplies for embossing. I made some terrific cards with my supplies. After about 20 or so, I lost interest. I still have all the supplies and no desire to use them.
3) I have purchased some costly shoes at The Good Feet Store. I knew they irritated my feet in the store and foolishly thought they would loosen up. They did not! I donated them.
What to Expect | Free Fitting & Test Walk | The Good Feet Store
4) I’ve made the mistake of occasionally purchasing a second copy of a book that looks interesting. I’ve come home to find the same book in my TBR stack. Luckily, this hasn’t happened too often.

5) I have some fabric stashed in my sewing room closet. Sometimes, when I look through my stash, I wonder what was I thinking. Sometimes, I’ve bought fabric for a specific project and changed my mind. I made three Hanukkah quilts a few years ago. I purchased backing material on sale. I still have leftover fabric. (about 15 to 20 yards) I’d sure like to find a place to donate the fabric.
Four Seasons Winter Blue Happy Hanukkah Menorah Batik Fabric - Anthology  Fabrics | My Favorite Quilt Store





Unofficial Five Things Tuesday

Nova graciously offered a prompt for Five Things Tuesday. Dr. Tanya is taking the day off.  Nova changed it up a bit.  She asks:

“When you hear the word PEARL, what are 5 things that come to mind?”

1) The mandatory pearl necklace worn for senior pictures in high school.   
2) The lovely set of pearls I inherited from my paternal grandmother
3) The test for telling if pearls are real or not

4) large pearl gumballs5) Lovely black Tahitian pearls

5 Things Tuesday – What Don’t You Buy Anymore

Free photos of Gift bags

Dr. Tanya is our host for 5 Things Tuesday. Today she says:

“After the pandemic and during the current geopolitical situation inflation is on an upward spiral. This leads you to evaluate more carefully what you spend on. It seems like a good idea to do a couple of 5 things posts on shopping decisions. Today I ask you to list 5 Things You Don’t Buy Anymore.

I retired right before the pandemic. I had already changed my shopping habits some time before.

Long before retiring, I stopped buying make-up. Every product bothers my skin.
Long before retiring, I stopped buying nylons. They also bothered my body.
Long before retiring, I stopped buying high heal shoes. My plantar fasciitis made them impossible to wear.
Long before retiring, I stopped buying bras (TMI). They’re too painful with my fibromyalgia.
Long before retiring, I stopped buying perfumes. I developed an awful allergy to fragrances years ago and can’t breathe if anyone is wearing it.

5 Things I Don’t Buy Anymore Because of The Pandemic

1) I don’t buy magazines anymore. They become dust collectors and I can read tons of articles online now. The scrapbooking magazines I used to subscribe to have disappeared. Those are ones I’d read cover to cover.

2) I don’t buy school supplies anymore. I was always on the hunt for a good deal so I could provide things to kids who needed items.

3) I don’t buy take out food. Occasionally, my spouse will indulge, but I’d rather eat at home.

4) I don’t buy bowling balls at thrift stores anymore. I don’t go to thrift stores except to donate items. I still have lots of naked ones that need to be decorated.

5) I don’t buy fancy clothes of any kind. Purging is the name of the game for me now. I don’t go anywhere, so no need to spend money.

Five Things Tuesday on Wednesday –

Dr. Tanya is our host for the Five Things Tuesday. Yesterday she said:
“The Internet is full of advice about what food is healthy and what food will rot our teeth and our brains. In an attempt to live longer healthier lives and to avoid falling prey to pandemics you might be trying to eat healthier. Health foods or healthy foods do not always have to be the less tasty option. Thankfully there are several that are good for you and miraculously taste nice too. Today I ask you to list five of your favorites.”

1) I am addicted to my new favorite lunch. I toast a piece of dark rye bread. I spread a thin layer of pine nut hummus on the bread. Then I add avocado to the bread and top it with tomatoes.

2) I enjoy low fat cottage cheese with fruit and cinnamon. I like to add strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and or apple bits.
Cottage Cheese Food Breakfast - Free photo on Pixabay
3) I could eat oatmeal any day. I admit I used to add butter and sugar to it. Now I add cinnamon and blueberries with no sugar or butter.
Free photos of Oatmeal
4) I am a huge fan of roasted unsalted mixed nuts. I typically have a large container in my kitchen. If I am prepping food or getting water, I will munch on a few yummy nuts.
Free photos of Nuts
5) I regularly make a fresh green salad. I add whatever fresh veggies I have in the fridge. I often add roasted nuts and fruit. I can easily beat any fast food salad.



5 Things Tuesday

Dr. Tanya is our host for the Five Things Tuesday challenge.  She says, “Today I ask you to list 5 things that you sometimes (or alwaystake for granted.”

1) My warm house with running water
2) My access to medical treatment
3) A fridge with healthy food in it
4) A functioning washer and dryer
5) A dependable automobile