Dia De Los Muertos – Remembering Mom

Nodding off in your chair with a sleeping cat on your lap

Only waking when a visitor arrived at your door

Very special memories of the delicious holiday foods you’d cook

Each fall you would request the exact foot sizes of grandkids and great grandkids

Making slipper socks for Hanukkah was your love language

Being alone never really suited you

Each time we’d bring my grandkids I knew it would

Replenish your vessel of love

Written for W3 Prompt #27 where Paula asks us to compose an acrostic poem using the word ‘NOVEMBER.’

Written for dVerse poetics. where our host, Mish, has asked us to write a poem commemorating a loved one we have lost, in the spirit of  Dia De Los Muertos, the “Day of the Dead”.

Written for TTC (nod, memories),  The Daily Spur (cook), RDP (visitor),