15 Small Joys – This is my kind of task


Fandango was tagged by Carol Anne to  participate in listing 15 things that bring you joy. Fandango thanked Carol Anne and then offered anyone to participate. 



I am more than happy to list (in no particular order) 15 things that bring me joy. Some are small, some are huge. But all bring me joy.

1) I am joyful that today is National Chocolate Day

2) I am joyful that my spouse brought me a Starbuck’s Hot Chocolate in honor of National Chocolate Day. He knows just how to place my order. Venti hot chocolate, 195 degrees, no foam, no whip.

3)  I am joyful for the dark chocolate brownies I made to celebrate National Chocolate Day. (Not really, I just wanted to make them for the grand kids and myself.)   

4) I am joyful for my family who love me. 

5) I am joyful for my friends who care about me. 

6) I am joyful for my knee improving and hurting less. 

7) I am joyful for Epsom salt baths which helps my arthritis.

8) I am joyful for the fires not coming closer to my house and the amazing firefighters who risk it all to save people and property.   

9) I am joyful for having Annie by my side 24/7.   

10) I am joyful for yummy food I prepared ahead of time that is in my freezer waiting for me to be hungry. 

11) I am joyful for Sirius radio which allows me to change my music with my mood. 

12) I am joyful for the good days that I have to work on cleaning and purging items from my house. 

13) I am joyful for my ability to vote and have some input on the elections. 

14) I am joyful for the blogging community. 

15) I am joyful for the temperatures to no longer be in the high 90’s or 100s.

Please join in spreading the joy. Can you name 15 things you are joyful for?