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  1. Where’s the line between respectful disagreement and being downright mean (bullying) to someone? When you tell someone their opinion is wrong and yours is right, you are bullying. When you explai your opinion with the understanding that not everyone will agree it is respectful.
  2. Would you prefer to live in a world where alcohol was free or where politicians were honest? Seeing as how I never ever ever drink alcohol personally it would benefit me if politicians were honest. But in the real world of drunk drivers and lives lost and destroyed because of alcohol abuse I wish alcohol was hundreds of dollars an ounce. 
  3. What’s one habit you have that your family or friends think is rather childish? I like to do grounding every day. Being barefoot in the grass for some time every day is good for my spiritual energy. 
  4. Would you rather go to a big party and rub shoulders with the rich and famous or go to an amazing quiet Garden that hardly anyone has ever visited? Yippee, an easy one. I would rather be in a grden any day and every day. The rich and famous have zero draw for me.


Halloween Question:    What do you think of the idea of “trick or treat or money for a charity” as a way of making Halloween more useful? Halloween is a kid’s holiday for fun and games. No need to attach anything else to it. 

(Gratitude questions will resume after Halloween is past)

I am grateful for the meds helping me toward remission. I am definitely experiencing a great deal of hair loss as warned, but lowered pain levels make it Ok to me.

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Why do we have such trouble telling our loved ones that we love them? Do you have that kind of communication issue with your loved ones?

I had only two memories of being told I was loved. When my kids were growing up I told them I loved them always. When they hit the teen years they got angry if I told them I loved them. It took quite awhile before they were back to being OK with it again.


Above question inspired by this short, poignant blog post: 

Decorations for holidays?   Spirit lifters or pain in the butt?   Or a mix?  I loved to decorate for the holidays. Both my classroom and my home were always decorated every month. I gave away all the school items and gifted most of the home items. 

Do you donate to charities?  Of your time, do you feel money is the only true gift, or other?  (nod to Rory for this idea) I do donate money to charities. I also believe in gifting to people directly. That way I know that the person who has the need, gets the money. I would like to donate time when my health is better.

Are you too superstitious or  have you ever played with a Ouija Board?  I can’t think of anything I am superstitious about. I have played with a Ouija Board many times in my youth. 


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This week please share a photo or image of what ‘harvest’ and “Autumn” mean to you!   Thanks! 

oak glenn


To see a great deal of autumn I must travel over an hour away. Oak Glenn has a wonderful village where you can purchase apple pies, apples, apple candy, apple jewelry, etc. 


Melanie explains all about the challenge here.

Melanie also shared this from another blogger:

The Daily Four       Season 1 – Game 12     Question Fun Directory

Welcome to The Daily Four!   Questions:

What do you feel about charity really and should we give to charity and if we should, what should we give?
Why do people donate to charities?a] Belief in organisation?     b] Good deed for the day?  c] The feel good factor          d] Making a difference?        e] Other?
What’s a penny to you as in ‘See a Penny .. think of what?a] Every Penny Counts       b] Pick it up!        c] There isn’t a bad penny?                        d] Worth every penny?       e] Other?
If you were asked to donate a single penny, cent as in a  a single unit of the lowest of currencies for your country, would you or would you?a] Just donate the penny?      b] Donate more than that single penny?                          c] Donate nothing, no pennies?    d] Only donate online?    e] Something else?

My Responses:  

What do you feel about charity really?  Should we give to charity and if we should, what should we give?  I guess I believe charity begins at home. I like to give to people I know. I don’t trust most organizations, too much money spent at the top. I do give to medical charities I believe in.  

Why do people donate to charities?                                                                                           a] Belief in organisation?    b] Good deed for the day?    c] The feel good factor             d] Making a difference?      e] Other?  Each person has their own reason. For me it is usually A and C.

What’s a penny to you as in ‘See a Penny .. think of what?                                                      a] Every Penny Counts   b] Pick it up!  all day long you’ll have good luck                        c] There isn’t a bad penny?   d] Worth every penny?   e] Other?

If you were asked to donate a single penny, cent as in a  a single unit of the lowest of currency for your country, would you or wouldn’t you?                                               a] Just donate the penny?     b] Donate more than that single penny?                              c] Donate nothing, no pennies?   d] Only donate online?                                                        e] Something else?  Not just a penny. Not enough to do anything.

Day 364 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Share your world – There is always something to be grateful for.



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Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat) a good thing, a bad thing or a mixture of both? I guess I am an old fuddy duddy. I see no need for Twitter, Instagram, nor G-d forbid Snapchat. I have joined Instagram to follow a few people I admire. I rarely visit the sites. Part of my disdain is why would you need to have something that disappears soon after posting? I can only assume that you must have something to hide. I have learned to use Facebook to connect with others and I have learned to stay away from most drama. Facebook introduced me to some wonderful women who I now call friends. I am grateful for this avenue to connect with others.

Are you camera shy or do you pose for the camera with confidence?  I am camera shy as I am not happy with the way I look. I am not happy with what stress eating and not caring about myself has done to my appearance. As I learn to care more about the whole me I allow myself opportunities to be seen with my grand-kids. 

Is there anything you’ve kept from younger years for sentimental reasons alone?  There are pictures and some S &P s I saved from when I started my extensive collection. I never thinned the accumulation of all my treasures. At some point I should cull the herd. I should only keep the ones that really bring me joy.

Do you like to decorate for different holidays?   I used to decorate my classroom and my home to the nines. I made napkins and place mats for every holiday. I have salt and pepper shakers for all the holidays. I made table runners and decorations for the living spaces. At school I purchased a multitude of decorations and reading books for my class.

My school accouterments were gifted to my friends and family. In an attempt to lesson my “things” at home, I have been gifting holiday decorations to those I hope can enjoy them. Friday I sent off two Halloween quilts I made for my grandchildren twelve years ago. They are only used for one month a year and I hope my cousin will enjoy them now. 

ahb  ahb1


Do you feel you’re a strong person character-wise?  I know I am a strong person.  I always try to be kind to others.  My goal now is to not be used by others and to stand up for myself. Of course, I am a work in progress. 

Also, if you do have a gratitude thought or picture you’d like to share, please feel free!   The world can always use more positive vibes!

I am grateful to reach another holiday I enjoy. Even though I can no longer partake of the goodies that are present, I can still enjoy watching my grandson completing mazes, word searches, and coloring pages for Halloween. I gifted the grands artificial pumpkins to be carved for their new home. 

Z3 z3-pun.jpg 2019

2011.jpg Seven years ago.


Day 357 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Share Your World – There is always something to be grateful for.


Melanie’s post came across my reader this morning. I am participating and if you care to you can go here to see her post.



If confronted with a violent crime against a single individual in progress (severe beating, rape, assault) do you try to do something about it (phone authorities or confront the criminal, stop the crime) or do you figure it’s none of your business and walk or drive on by?  Worse (to me) would you record the crime for social media use without doing anything else?  G-d forbid any  person with a conscience would record and not help. I would definitely call the police and  if it was a woman or child being hurt I would probably scream at them and try to help.

Okay now we got the heavy stuff out of the way, let’s get to some less stressful questions. 

If someone asked to be your apprentice and learn all that you know, what would you teach them?  I have had the opportunity to be a master teacher. It is very difficult but fulfilling.  I have taught scrapbooking lessons to many. I would not feel  knowledgeable enough to teach someone about my gardening skills or quilting skills. I could most definitely teach house cleaning skills. Maybe then the apprentice could take over for me. LOL

First think of a product. Now, what would be the absolute worst brand name for one of those products?. My first go to was cars. Then the worst brand would be a Pinto. 

What ridiculous and untrue, yet slightly plausible, theories can you come up with for the cause of common ailments like headaches or cavities? . Headaches are obviously cased from having too many thoughts all trying to be acknowledged at the same time.  When  your head wants a rest your brain causes headaches so you just have to rest and “not think” about anything but the pain.


If you’d like to, please share a photo or an example of gratitude that you have.  Thanks!  🙂

4 5

I am grateful for my wonderful grandchildren growing up and being in my life.

Day 350 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Share Your World – There is always something to be grateful for.


Melanie’s post came across my reader this morning. I am participating and if you care to go here to see the guidelines.


When was the last time you face palmed?   (for those who aren’t familiar with what that is,here’s a visual for you: )

Image result for face palm

This is an easy one. The last time a politician denied global warming. Oy vey.




When is censorship warranted?  Ever? Censorship is warranted and needed for any and all child pornography. There is no reason on G-d’s green earth for its existence. 

If there were commandments for the modern day world, what should (could, would) some of them be?  Get creative!  Thou shalt spend time with your family sharing meals and thoughts of your day.  Thou shalt non run red lights. Thou shalt use thy brain when reacting to politicians. 

What did you Google last?  interstitial cystitis 😦

Gratitude is an Attitude: I am grateful that this dreadful disease came once I was retired as there is no way I could have worked with this.   I am grateful that the pain is decreased as long as I stay at home. I am grateful that I can have most items delivered to my home so I don’t have to drive.