Day 248 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude -Blog/Mental Decluttering

Today was a lazy day. Instead of popping up and working when I arose I decided to “veg” in bed for awhile. I am grateful that I do not need to  meet any timelines but my own. I continued to watch more of the posts and videos from Denise Linn. She has a group open now until June 30 called The Ultimate Clutter Clearing Challenge. While I am not following it exactly as presented I am trying each day to declutter. 


Denise Linn was live in The Ultimate Clutter Clearing Challenge.

Some thoughts from her videos that speak to me.

“Why did people sign up for clutter clearing, because you can transform your life with even the smallest amount of clutter clearing…

Clutter clearing has a  little to do with stuff and more to do with your life..

Something you want to release, or heal, or maybe something you want to expand that has been a blockage for a long time. If can be  your place and time to release through intent… 

We as a culture are always too busy….(you believe) You are more valuable if you do more…. It’s not what you do, it’s who you are…Your deepest value is simply being who you are, where you are…

Do not focus on what you didn’t do….

As your home becomes clutter clear it becomes a sacred space…

Every single thing you do small or bigger is a step to propel you on the journey to listen to your soul, to connecting to your heart, to being present in your life…

As you clutter clear your home you should clutter clear your time…

It’s just stuff and it’s leaving…

You do not need to do it all, just do it with intent…

Your clutter clearing can create miracles in your life…

Let this day be a day of miracles…

At every moment you celebrate whatever you get done…

Don’t call it an alter, call it a focus point…

Have a very clear intent on what results you want…

Visualize the results occurring…

I am releasing that which I do not need and I am pulling that which I need…

Clutter is not just stuff… Anything that is keeping you from your joy is clutter…

When you clear out your clutter you are making space for the new. ..“You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep rereading the last chapter”

Only you know what clutter is in your life…

As a result of this challenge you find more space in your heart for joy. for spontaneity, for health, for vitality and for love…

Don’t let anyone else judge your stuff. It is only what it is to you, not anyone else…



As I absorbed the information I kept wondering why I am still not committing more time to clearing out the clutter.  Instead when I do accomplish something, I berate myself  for it taking too long or for not getting more done.   




 I was eager for my call with Kim tonight. I wanted to discuss the handling of feelings and the way my meditation has been going. I can’t say I am always comfortable with the feelings being dredged up lately. I tell myself I should have a set of feelings on one topic and then I should be done with it. That is not the way it works apparently. She enlightened me with the reality that now that I have more time and less forced activities, my brain is being freed to bring up old hurts. My current struggle is what to do with the feelings. Her wise advice (if I understand correctly) is to not suppress the feelings. I need to sit with the feelings and allow them to surface and be felt. Gee, it sure feels like I am working on decluttering my brain even more than I am my home. I re-watched many of the videos on decluttering again and sure enough, there it was.The videos all explain that feelings and emotions are blocked more than our home. As I allow myself to release my emotions, I hope to release the mental and physical clutter in my life,  I am really grateful to be on this journey, but it is by no means an easy one for me. It is however exciting.





Day 247 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Blog/ De-cluttering

It seems that every day since I retired I have been dealing with clutter. Clutter in my home, my garage, and in my mind. Some days I deal with things head on. I make a decision to get something done and I just do it. Some days I look at my untidiness and get upset with myself.  I want everything to be done immediately. I realize that is impossible. It is frustrating and the chaos can overwhelm me to the point of  not doing anything. I try to tell myself that I have all the time in the world and nothing has a deadline. The reality is that I function better when I can think and clear the clutter in my surroundings. That makes the clutter in my head easier to deal with.

I set my intention today to clear some of the clutter. Days ago I  signed up for a Facebook Group – The Ultimate Clutter Clearing Challenge. The information has been great. The people are uplifting and supportive. I have been trying to follow the guidelines as they might work for me. I do feel so encouraged when I accomplish tasks. That is just who I am.

Meditation is great for mind clearing. I am good at using my physical decluttering time to reflect and ruminate on what is in my head. I feel like I am currently cleaning with intention. As I work through my chores I am able to  focus on the the benefits of moving forward. It feels good to mull over whatever thought is currently taking residence in my head. 

I am pleased that I am organizing my world.  I want to get everything done at once but I know that is not possible. I look around my home and it can be overwhelming as I list all I should do. I have the remnants of 35 years worth of teaching filling my garage. I have sewing projects from when the oldest grand kids were toddlers. I have WIP (works in progress) in my sewing room that I never had time to finish. I have years worth of pictures that need to be scrapbooked. I have a a very long line-up of books that I so want to read. I have crafts I have begun and not finished. I have about 20 cards I want to make to thank the generous people in my life. My small galley kitchen has cabinets overfull with more items than three households need.

So today, after being encouraged by the decluttering website I moved forward with intention. I need to set realistic goals for myself so I am not depressed about all that needs to be done. I packaged up four large boxes of items for my cousin and niece. It felt good to send things off for others to enjoy.  I cleaned out the guest room closet and filled more bags of clothes to be donated.

I picked up my car from the dealer. I behaved as I knew I was being “handled” after the awful interactions with them earlier. They still will not have registered my car to me until Monday. I have to let go of my irritation about the issue because I can’t do anything about it. That is progress.   

After returning home I made myself an amazing “clean out the refrigerator” salad. It feed my need for calm as well as for good nutrition. While eating lunch I went through paperwork that was piled on my dining room table. I ripped and tore up paperwork. I felt like a human shredder.  I want my documents organized in folders. 

My evening was spent working on sewing projects, Because of our current heat wave I need to change the covers on the bed. The thin quilt I made is too heavy for this weather. My chore for the evening was to add  binding to the comforters I remade. I finished that chore and decided to work on the binding on two other quilts I made. Of course Murphy’s Law took over and the needle on my sewing machine broke before finishing the third quilt. I took it as a sign that I was supposed to stop working for the day. 

Along with the everyday tasks of living I did accomplish some big goals today. So why do I still feel overwhelmed with all that needs to be done? My head is feeling calmer about life in general, but still anxiety exists about my physical environment of chaos. 

Day 243 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Blog/Know what you want.

It was a very strange day today. From the early morning successes at purging and cleaning, to a  post on SARK, to messages throughout the day it seemed that I was being led to know what I want. I found this group somehow and as I cleaned this morning I asked myself what was necessary for me to be happy. I made the beds upstairs from the last grand kids visit. As I searched in the linen closet for sheets etc.  I realized it needed to be cleared. A short time later away went four bags of items to be delivered to Goodwill. There is actually empty space on my shelves. Without much effort I got what I wanted, one clutter free area.

Then came a post from SARK. She asked her SWW to answer three questions as a prompt for Tuesday night’s mentoring.   Respond to these 3 questions and I’ll be responding in a group way in class Tue/11. Your writing creates new vibrations and shifts~ 💅🏻 1. What I want to receive    2. Why I want to receive it     3. Describe the feeling state of receiving as though it’s already happening or happened”

I responded and I could already feel that as usual, if you feel what it is like to get what you want it is more likely to happen. 

I want to de-clutter and purge many things in my house. Finding the group working on this will help me continue my journey. I feel like I have made such success already and definitely want to continue the process. Lightening the load of “stuff” makes me happy.

I made a commitment to a retreat in the fall. I already feel I am benefiting from what will happen in the future. I know it is the right place for me. It means I will make some challenging leaps. I keep telling myself of the benefits.

I  decided to stay home today. Puttering out in the yard after cleaning upstairs felt right. My little gardens always need work. I am uplifted when I am working in  the planters, even if I am only there for a short time. As I sat in the downstairs swing my body felt relaxed and calm.  I want to have this feeling all the time. 

My lazy day today meant internet surfing, a SARK dessert Pop Up, and more sorting and cleaning. I met a wonderful woman in the pop up. We shared our stories of being in SWW, writing, and retirement. One of my personal goals is to reach out to people and make connections. It feels good when you get what you want.   

I did not get to meet up with my Sunday night peeps. They had other commitments. We will catch up later. I am so glad they are in my life. It feels right to share our lives.  I know I want their happiness as much as I want my own.           

The handyman I hired to do some outside repairs came for awhile and left again. He returned at 9:30 PM. I had already gone downstairs to read. I was so surprised at his working in the late hours of the night. I wanted my repairs done but this was a little ridiculous.         

I spent my day doing what I wanted. I accomplished a few things.  I didn’t get done with a few things I should have. There is always tomorrow. That feels like what I want to know in my heart. feed it.jpg

Day 101 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Decluttering – There is always something to be grateful for.

Today I am grateful for my pursuit of cleansing my overflow of possessions. I know everyone has been touting the value of  Marie Kondo. A friend reminded me of her presence. I knew snippets of  her techniques. I love the idea of getting rid of things. “Creating A Space That Sparks Joy” is her motto. I can’t say that has been my focus. My focus has more been I don’t want to have a home so overwhelmed with stuff that I don’t need. I do like the idea of finding joy though. Last year my focus for life was survival. This year my focus is JOY. So maybe I am ready now. 

I have been doing a lot of decluttering on my own for the last two years. It is not a coincidence that my real goals began after having to empty my mother’s house once she passed. My older brother wanted me out of her house so he could have the entire house dumped in the trash. My mother and I spoke before her passing and she wanted many of her things to go to specific charities. I am grateful that I stood up for myself and her and worked non-stop to fulfill her desires. I had a short period of time to get done what was needed.

While cleaning out her house, I cried more tears than I knew were possible. Then I remembered many items that held memories of times together. I giggled at some things she coveted. I out and out laughed at some “collections” she had. My mother had a hard upbringing, a difficult life, but I feel she was more at ease in retirement than any other time in her life. I am so grateful that she had a time of peace. I am grateful that I was able to share time with her each month. I am joyous that when possible we would bring my grand kids out to see her.

I am filled with joy that when my step-father passed away she moved to a retirement village where her best friend since she was 12 or 14, growing up lived. They had both traveled across the country from the east coast to the west coast and both ended up in the desert. When they had their “lunches” it made my mom happy. I am grateful she had a friend for so long.

Whenever I clean things out it makes me happy. I do want to keep focused on the joy part now. I began cleaning and purging in my classroom. I spent over a year slowly cleaning out items. But the truth is, summer time is when I went bat-s**t crazy dumping items. I had boxes of items I had stored for over 25 years since I taught elementary school. I had so many things that had not seen the light of day for more than a decade. Every trash can I filled brought me joy without knowing that that is what I was looking for. I admit I made piles and piles of books that I later sent to some family who had friends home schooling their children. I sent a multitude of books to family with young children. Sending books brought me joy. It makes me smile to know that I had reached a goal I didn’t know I had.

Last summer I did a huge purge of toys and books from my garage. I blogged about that before. My garage is carpeted for grand kids and dogs. No cars have ever ventured in to my garage. It has furniture and supplies to do art, play games, play with toys, and read. There were two huge storage cabinets filled with toys. Now that the garage was no longer filled with another person’s home contents I was able to see what was there. So I sent off toys of really good quality to nieces and cousins. I then sent an email to my staff with photos of items to see if  anyone wanted anything. 

konmari guide

So now my garage is cleaned out, my attic is cleaned out, and my classroom is mostly cleaned out. I went through all my DVDs, my linen closet,  and all my books these last few months. I cleaned out my fabrics and notions. I am grateful for all the material things I have given away and donated. I am sad about the multiple things that were removed without my permission. The more I cleaned the more I realized what had been taken. I did not do the procedure of touching things before keeping them or giving them away. Maybe I would have purged more if I had done that step.  I know that I still need to go through my bedroom closet. There are many things that I don’t wear and that don’t bring me joy.

I have cleaned my kitchen cabinets but still need to go through them once again. I also need to go through the bathroom cabinets. They are a mess for sure. So my goal is now to find joy by decluttering the rest of my spaces that need it. By June I hope to be freer and lighter in my spaces. I know while the process may be difficult the result will bring me joy.

declutter joyful-declutter.png


Day 45 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Blog/Rehoming and Declutter – There is always something to be grateful for.

Today I am grateful for the ability to adjust to change, or at least to try to. From minor things to major things, it seems like I am in a state of flux.  I choose to focus on the positive changes today. The sad ones aren’t going anywhere soon, they linger. So I choose to look at the positive modifications going on in my life. I need good changes.


I am grateful that I am focusing more on self care. My body and spirit are improving with all I do.




I am grateful I have found some amazing people to follow on Facebook like Martha Beck.    She is so uplifting, she speaks to my soul,  and I share her political views. I can feel changes in my brain when I listen to her.

I am grateful for Maryann Rozas Udel. I believe she cares about everyone and the pain they go through. She makes me feel like most people are struggling with change and that is OK.

I am grateful that I have the wisdom to use this holiday to look in to some important plans for my future. Procrastination is my ally, at least that is what I keep telling myself. Perhaps it i my nemesis. So a baby step forward can mean a leap in the near future.   



I am grateful that we now have a new dog in our home. She was rehomed from my younger daughter who will be moving to a new place that does not allow dogs. It has been three years since our one-eyed-wonder crossed the rainbow bridge. I have never gone this long between having a furry companion. Myles (aforementioned one-eyed-wonder) passed away just a few months after my mom passed away and I was a complete mess emotionally. So this opportunity to help out the grandkids, my daughter, and myself just seemed like the right thing at the right time.  She is skittish and I am sure confused right now. I opted to take her now as I will be home for 8 days. She is learning to be an inside dog, to be around us all the time, and to use a doggie door. (She hasn’t mastered that yet without help, but I am sure she will.)  I see this change as a win win for all involved.

I am grateful for the purging I have done this year. This change was past due to occur. After the theft of so many of my things, I actually reevaluated having items around that I did not use. That probably only makes sense to me and that is OK. Over the summer I contacted all my staff and offered a ton of toys in my garage to be rehomed. I am grateful that they went to young teachers on campus with little kids, teachers and staff who are grandparents, staff member who donated to churches, staff members who have new teachers in their families, and best of all a family with many young children who a staff member knew needed help. I am grateful for the ability to give to others.  By changing the need to keep things not being used I was able make many others happy and I am grateful for that.  

I purged unnecessary items from my attic, from my garage, from my home, from my yard, and from my classroom. I am so grateful the majority went to good friends, then much to charity, and then when no other options to the trash bins. Whenever possible I really do like to recycle and reuse things. One man’s trash…   

595.-CLUTTER-9The change that has occurred from the reducing of “stuff” was a little frightening at first and now is so freeing. For the first time in my entire life I have empty cabinets in my classroom, an empty garage, empty spaces in my tool shed, and a reduction of clutter. Notice I never said the clutter is gone, just reduced. I am grateful for the reduction.   I am grateful for the change.


I am grateful for change and my forward movement in my life.