Scrapbooking A to Z – Z is for my Three Z’s

Letters, Abc, Alphabet, Leaflet, Airport, Scoreboard
Z is for Scrapbooking My Favorite Zs

Z1, Z2, and Z3 are great subjects for my scrapbooking pages. I started scrapbooking long before my grands came into my life. I typically add several pictures to every page. My first albums had numerous years’ worth of pictures per album. And then came the grandkids.

There were more occasions to take pictures, more pictures of every event, and more pictures I just “had” to include in my books. Instead of the typical 32 pages (64 sides) per album, I added more and more until the scrapbook just couldn’t hold anymore. In fact, most years since the Zs came into my life, I needed two albums per year.

Take numerous pics
Keep your sweet memories clear
Relish forever



Scrapbooking A to Z – Y is for Your Favorite Fonts

Letter Y, Font, Text, English, Alphabet, Gingerbread

Y is for Scrapbooking With Your Favorite Fonts

I love looking for free fonts when I make my scrapbooking pages. When I had a printer, I would type out my title using a favorite font on my acid free paper. Then I would add it to my page. Here are some examples of free fonts that start with Y.
Yesteryear by Astigmatic 
Yantramanav by Erin McLaughlin 
Yrsa by Rosetta
Yatra One
Yatra One by Catherine Leigh Schmidt 
York Baile Hill
York Baile Hill by Pilaster 
YouAreFont by You are mark

April 28 – Scrapbooking Letter X for X-Acto Knife

Letter, Alphabet, Abc, XX is for Scrapbooking With an X-Acto Knife

Before Creative Memories came out with their wonderful custom cutting system, I used an X-Acto knife to cut out fine details for my pages. You need to be very careful with an X-Acto knife because they are extremely sharp. It can cut through thick and thin pieces of paper. I’ll admit, I learned the hard way that you should never, ever, ever, cut on anything but a self healing mat.

Trim away excess
Carefully use the sharp knife
Always safety first 


April 27 – Letter W for Wonderful Weddings

Valentine'S Day, The 14Th Of February, March 8W is for Scrapbooking Wonderful Weddings


What is there to say about scrapbooking weddings? It is the perfect occasion to take tons of pictures. I joyfully then make an album for the happy couple. It is a gift of love. At one wedding, the photographer ended up shadowing me because I knew all the important people that needed to be included. I kept telling him, that if I was in his way, please let me know and I would move. He just thanked me for knowing what shots were important. Weddings are a fun time to get natural shots of the happy occasion.

Blissful gatherings
Filled with lots of joy and love
A new beginning


April 26 – Scrapbook Letter V for Vellum

Alphabet, Letter, Initial, Monogram, Background
V is for Scrapbooking With Vellum 

I don’t use vellum all that often, but it is beautiful and softens a scrapbook page. Vellum is a delicate paper you can see through. Vellum can curl up if you don’t keep it stored properly. You need to attach vellum differently than other papers because of its opaque nature. It comes in a variety of colors, weights, and even textures. With the right printer, you can even print on vellum.

I have used vellum as the entire background paper as well as pieces on a page. Vellum adds highlights without adding bulk to your scrapbook page.  I have cut clean edges and also torn edges to give a different look. You can even use vellum to frame out a picture covering parts you don’t care for. A thicker vellum can even be used as a pocket to add ephemera to a page.
Late Afternoon 12" x 12" Vellum Sheet, Copper Foil - American Crafts   Colorful translucent vellum paper from LCI Paper

The pink vellum background softens the beautiful bat mitzvah photo.




I found an interesting video on using vellum.

Delicate papers
Add variety, softness
And many new options