Watching the U.S. and the Holocaust, or, Thank You, Ken Burns

Thank you Rachel for bringing this information to us all.


Watching the Ken Burns documentary, The U.S. and the Holocaust, the week before Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) was hard. The three night, six-hour documentary was advertised as being about America’s reaction to the treatment of Jews in Germany leading up to and during the Holocaust, and the ways our own prejudices and the resulting immigration restrictions we set up at the time, kept the United States from being a haven for those escaping Hitler. I felt myself shaking with rage and pain and frustration, and I started to yell at the TV (similar to the way I felt when Trump took that first trip down the escalator onto the world stage). But however difficult it was for me to sit with the pain and horror of the documentary, it was even more validating. The timeline of the film, and the clarity it brought to the questions of…

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13 thoughts on “Watching the U.S. and the Holocaust, or, Thank You, Ken Burns

  1. There’s a very simple question to ask. Whyy did the allies not bomb the gas chambers? Sure, there ws a time when allied bombers did not have the reach, there was a time when there was no credible evidence of what was happening, but both of those were resolved far before the end of the war. Sure, there would have been civillian casualties, but even so, it would have halted the much greater mass slaughter. So why didn’t they bomb? If your priority was to save lives, you’d think that would be #1 priority.

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      1. so the conclusion is that the powers-that-be, both Roosevelt and Churchill, had things they considered more important than preventing the holocaust. They could have overruled their generals, if they had wished. They did so on other occasions. They could not spare a dozen bombers to flatten Auschwitz but they could spare 1,00 of them to flatten the already-flat Dresden.
        When you think in those terms, it’s black and white.

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  2. Nothing ever changes , never, people deny, justify , hide it away , not me, not me!
    People are not essentially good sadly as a species we are not good!
    I don’t know why the Jews have been percicuted since time immemorial? Why. I do not have the answer.
    On a side note I am sorry the Queen’s funeral sidelined the second episode of this program …. It was saturation viewing over here in the UK. …but the Americans like all that pomp and ceremony, I agree with you though everyone must of seen it!
    It not just America that’s guilty it’s the whole world. 💜💜

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