Question Time Over Coffee

Rory, over at Earthly Comforts, has asked a number of questions this morning. I enjoy answering questions, so this should be a good addition to my morning.

1) What ways are you adopting to save on energy bills? I keep all the upstairs’ vents closed. That way I am not heating or cooling rooms I do not use. I have a space heater and a fan in my living room and bedroom. I rarely use the AC. I do use my central heating when necessary. I keep getting a smiley face from the electric company assessment of usage. It seems I use far less than my neighbors. (Like that is why I save energy. LOL) 

2) Are there too many TV channels today offering too much content choice and do you struggle to find something to watch – discuss. I’d have to say that there is more garbage than quality on TV. The only shows I hate to miss are Young Sheldon and Ghosts. Anything else is just background noise to keep my mind occupied. I am going to get rid of my cable service soon. It is too costly for what I get.

3) How often do you read, watch, or listen to the news on the average week? I choose to NOT watch, read, or listen to the news if I can help it. It’s just too depressing.

4) What would you say are five important life skills people should know?

  • Self care
  • Honesty
  • Empathy
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Communication

5) When at school how often did you complete your set homework?  Always, always, always

6) What don’t men understand about women and what do women want men to really know about them? Only speaking for myself here: I want men to understand that I want to be heard, I never want my feelings to be dismissed, and I want an apology when I deserve it.

7) What do people want from life? To have good health, to find happiness, to be blessed with loving people in their lives

8) What is your most comfortable pair of shoes and why? I have orthopedic walking shoes and orthopedic sandals. Both are comfortable and help with my plantar fasciitis

9) If your favorite color wasn’t available what would be the next color you choose to wear on your head? I don’t color my hair, but when I did, it was purple. 

10) What are your Top 3 worst smells or scents?

  • skunks
  • vomit
  • BO

11) If you could spend a whole day in Disneyland with anyone – living or dead who would it be and why? I’ve been to Disneyland more than enough times. It is too crowded and too expensive to ever want or need to go again. If somehow the Magical Kingdom was nearly empty and I could have a scooter to get around, I’d like to go with my mom and my grandkids.

12) Are you a Halloweener and if so how and why and if not, why not? I used to enjoy Halloween a great deal. When my kids were young I made them costumes every year. Then when my grandkids came along, I searched for costumes they might like. It was great seeing them dress up. My eldest grandchildren are teens and not so much into costumes anymore.  As a teacher, I liked dressing up when we would do theme costumes. One year, most of the teacher went along with an easy costume idea. We all wore black slacks, black long sleeve shirts, with white dots on them. 🙂
13) What job did you want to have when you were a child growing up and, more importantly, did it ever appear as an opportunity in any shape once as an adult? I wanted to be a teacher since I was 7 years old. I had my career in public schools for 35 years and spent many years before that in education.




18 thoughts on “Question Time Over Coffee

  1. Cracking answers Lauren.

    i have recently started to research plantar fasciitis myself as l believe that may be what is causing my heel pain and think it has stemmed from walking somehow or perhaps from poor support in the sneakers.

    Always good to sport spots is what l say 🙂

    So your dream job became your dream career – excellent.

    Some wonderful answers in here, nicely done laura – thank you 🙂

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  2. We haven’t had cable TV for over nine years, and we don’t miss it. We’re able to get all the TV we want (which isn’t much) with an antenna and a digital-to-analog converter box (which, once this TV goes, we won’t need anymore). Most of our entertainment is via the Internet now, so we do still have cable Internet.

    And I’m with you: I don’t watch the news or read a newspaper.

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    1. I need to look into Roku or something similiar. I too have Spectrum internet but the prices are twice what they are now charging. I’ve called and asked about going on a better rate. They tell me no I can’t change. I’m thinking I might need to cancel and do wirhout for awhile, then get a new cheaper plan.

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