W3 Prompt #26: Wea’ve Written Weekly

beautiful new starched dresses
lined up in the cramped closet
along with outgrown summer clothes
anticipating their new debut

sharped pencils snuggled in a soft pink pouch
alongside the blue, black, and green pens
required for literature class
a writer will emerge

cracked feet used to being untethered
now uncomfortably restrained in old shoes
no complaints must be spoken
shiny new patent leather when funds arrive

scissors chopping away the ragged split ends
dropping to the sheet covered floor
trying to make the bangs straight
an obvious at-home hair cut

heading off to the first day at school
ready for new opportunities
experiences never presented before
goodbye summer, hello fall

My attempt at a Cadralor for this week’s prompt from the Wea’ve Written Weekly (W3) at the Skeptic’s KaddishSylvia Cognac provided a haunting poem and some guidance on the Cadralor form.

Sylvia’s prompt guidelines
Write a Cadralor poem about anything related to Autumn that is important to you (such as food, holidays, traditions, religious celebrations, seasonal changes, etc.).


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