5 Things Tuesday

Dr. Tanya says: “So many things about life and the world in general annoy you at any given moment. The post-pandemic economy, the Russia-Ukraine war, the effects of climate change ; all these things cause you encumbrance directly or indirectly. Yet it is the little annoyances that you often find more irksome.”

With what is going on in my life, here’s my list of ‘minor’ irritants that annoy me big time:

1) computers answering phones and then forcing you to respond to numerous prompts in the hopes of reaching a real person
2) trying to get in to see a doctor and being told there will be five or six weeks until you can see them
3) doctors not being able to make certain medical decisions because they have to ask the insurance companies first

doctors telling you you need tests ASAP and then there is nothing available for a very long time
5) sitting in an exam room for an hour when you are the first patient of the day


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