dVerse Poets

Here is my attempt.


get up in the morning
earlier than most
lacking any quality of sleep
remember too vivid dreams
hit the bathroom knowing
those darn bottles await me
keep me functioning quasi normal
the contents demand I bow to their power
I know I have no choice
no matter how hard it is to submit

eat a bite of lunch
better late than never
amble back to the kitchen
view the plethora of bottles
overflowing the basket
contents vary in size and shape
their purpose obvious
recommended not mandated
still no real choice
resistance is futile

get ready for bed
later than I should
more obligatory capsules
four or five depending on the day
an extra one might help with sleep
a necessary evil
adequate fluids but not too much
no desire for extra awake time
I remember Mom’s collection
mine pales in comparison

white blue and orange medication pillImage from Myriam Zilles from Upsplash

Sanaa  at dVerse says : “For Today’s Poetics, I want you all to write in the style of the Beat Generation. Pour out the first thought, the first thing that comes to mind and let the words take you forward. Feel free to write about darker (more under-rated) subjects. The aim here is to explore the “human condition,” and to write spontaneously. Shall we?”



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  1. This is gorgeously rendered, Lauren! You describe the human condition, the challenges that one faces every day with such precision here. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt 💘💘

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