Fibbing Friday

Di is at the help for Fibbing Friday today. I’ve been up for more than an hour. Annie has been fed but we haven’t been out to play because it is still dark outside. A physical hint that fall is on its way. What better way to await sunrise than to fib my way online.

“With recent events regarding the UK economy this week, it got me thinking about money. We are all familiar with the abbreviations for various currencies, so what if currency suddenly disappeared? What would you suggest these abbreviations would then stand for if they no longer relate to money?”

1. GBP Gotta Be Prudent
2. USD Useless Silly Directions
3. CHF Chances He’s Finished
4. EUR Everyone Uses Ritalin
5. DOP Don’t Operate Pullies
6. INR Instant Nerd Reaction
7. ISK I Should Know
8. JPY Just Pay Yearly
9. MYR My Your Righteous 
10. THB The House Bends


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