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Linda is our creative host for SoCS. She gives us a task to complete and many many bloggers take up her challenge. This week she says:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “board/bored.” Use one, or use them both for bonus points. Enjoy!

To keep myself from getting too bored completing a lengthy task, I typically listen to music. If for some reason (like I accidently pulled out the wires on the outside speakers when painting) I can’t listen to music, then I sing a song to myself. I don’t usually sing the entire song, just the part that comes into my head. After far too long, I get bored with the song and try to think about another choice. Luckily my neighbors can’t hear me softly singing. I suppose if they could, they would think me a little crazy.

For days and days, I worked outside laying down the artificial grass and pavers. On one half I raked and leveled the ground as good as I could. Then I tacked them down with ground fasteners. When the final ones came, I just laid them down. It is too hot outside to work much outside. When the weather cools, I will go back and finish the job properly.

The last few days I have once again been cleaning and purging things in my garage. My messy garage needed some TLC.  Weeks ago, I sent off garage items to family members and took loads of materials to the thrift store. I have four large cabinets as well as a workbench and piles and piles of miscellaneous stuff. My goal was to clean out all the cabinets. (I will leave the workbench to a later date.) It didn’t help that I added objects to the garage that I had cleared out from my scrapbooking room.

I didn’t feel like listening to music in the very hot garage. To “kill two birds,” I decided to listen to some CDs that I might like to send off to a friend. She is dealing with eye problems and can’t read right now.  I had 4 CDs of radio comedies from the Smithsonian Collection. I worked tirelessly while enjoying The Jack Benny Show, Burns and Allen, Edger Bergen, Eddie Cantor, The Life of Riley, Our Miss Brooks, etc. I also listened to Gilda Radner Live in New York. I also listened to Ray Romano, Live at Carnegie Hall. The most enjoyable thing I listened to was Almost There read by the Irish author Nuala O’Faolain. It was wonderful. I will search for her other books now. After hearing her read her book, I’d really like to get them on CD. Her Irish accent is mesmerizing. I hope my friend enjoys the CDs.

I moved my rubber stamp collection from my scrapbooking room to the garage. I downsized the number of cabinets, and I thought I was ready to let the rubber stamps go. As I went through the huge pile of a few hundred stamps, I realized I was not ready to say goodbye to all of them. As I listened to the wonderful memoir, I sorted and categorized my stash. There is something therapeutic about holding and organizing things you love. After cleaning out my cabinets, I now had room for the newly categorized stamps. The large bag of stamps going to the thrift store should make someone happy.

After 6 hours of working this morning, I was ready to make a drop off at the thrift store. I showered and loaded up the numerous bags in the back of my car. There were books, gifts I bought for the grandkids that they are no longer interested in, board games, electric frying pans, 2 food processors and all the attachments, a couple of coats, a blender, a George Forman grill, some CDs, rubber stamps, summer dishes, small kitchen electronics, a framed piece of art, and other treasures loaded in my car. I decided to take Annie with me to the thrift store. I make the long drive to a Veteran’s Thrift Store because I believe they do better for the world than any Goodwill thrift store.

Annie was thrilled to get to go for a ride. We made it to the thrift store, and I popped open the back door. The worker came and told me they were only taking clothing because all their other bins were full. I explained that the majority of my items were not clothing. They said I could come back tomorrow because the drop off was open from 8 to 12:00, even though the store was closed.  Back we came to my house. The items remain in my car. Annie won’t get to tag along tomorrow because I need to pick up a few things at the grocery store.

My exciting life of cleaning and organizing leaves me anything but bored.





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