Throwback Thursday #53 – It’s A Formal Affair

While most of us grew up with school clothes and play clothes, there were occasionally those special clothes, aka glad rags. Clothes can bring up strong memories and emotions.

When we were very young, our parents were in charge of our wardrobe. It was their job to make sure we weren’t inappropriately dressed. Because formal wear is not our typical way to dress, we often remember those special garments.

If you care to join us, it’s easy.

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This week’s prompt is: It’s A Formal Affair

I am proposing a different way to write to the prompt today. Because we all had very diverse upbringings, I am going to list several reasons why you might get dressed up. Please feel free to add any occasion you had to get dressed up.

What were your special clothes like?  Did you get your hair done for the occasions? Was a mani-pedi part of the process? Were you instructed on how to behave? Did you have any input on the formal attire? Did you feel comfortable in your special outfit?

Please feel free to write about as many of the occasions you’d like to share. Pictures would be an awesome addition.

* A wedding – either as a member of the wedding party or as a guest
* A Baptism, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or Some Other Religious Ceremony
* A funeral
* A formal dinner party
* A Night at the Theater, the Ballet, or the Opera
* High School Prom and/or Formal School Dance

My post follows * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The first dressy dress I remember wearing was when my mom married for the 5th time. We moved out of the house I grew up in to move into L’s house. I was not too happy with the idea of moving. My mom kept telling me the house was bigger than ours and had a pool. The new “fancy” dress was a bribe to make me accept the marriage. I did love the dress. I had a beautiful corsage. The best part of the day was meeting Clooney, the boxer. (The marriage lasted a few months.)

The next time I remember wearing formal clothing was the Spring Fling in high school and the Junior Prom. Those occasions were special because they were formal attire. Because I bought my own clothes, I got to choose what I wanted. My formal for the Spring Fling had to be altered because I was so thin. I had my hair done at the hairdresser. I didn’t have a mani/pedi for the occasion. For the Prom, I had a dress made for me. A neighbor that did alterations took my pattern and velvet blue fabric and turned it into the best fitting garment I have ever owned. I did not have my hair done at the hairdresser for the prom.

 I didn’t have a need for truly formal clothes often. I did buy nice dresses for special religious dinners with my paternal family. Dress clothes were fun to shop for. When my high school friend and I would go to concerts at the Forum, I would buy “funky” dress clothes. It was our way of being somebody other than who we were.   

The last time I bought a formal dress was 22 years ago.






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  1. I rarely attended a formal occasion that I remember but my mom made any dress I wore to a high school dance and they were beautiful. After marriage my husband and I attended a formal wedding in Houston and it was ultra fancy. On that one occasion I did have my hair done at a shop – a first for me – and wore a gorgeous blue and white lace overlay brocade dress. It was the first time I sat in a large room where dresses were brought to me to see if I wanted to try them on. I felt like a queen☺️

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  2. Lovely photos and memories Lauren. You looked lovely in your bribe dress so sad the marriage didn’t last, you’d all left your home… I hope you were not made homeless. 💜💜

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