Share Your World – August 22

Di is pinch hitting for Melanie with questions for Share Your World.  Thanks Di. I hope Melanie is on the mend.
1.  Do you have family photographs on display in your main living room? I have family photos in the living room and the family room. I used to have them in the hallway upstairs, in the garage, and the bedroom too.   

2.  What was the best vehicle you owned? The vehicle I own now is the best I’ve ever owned. I can take all the grandkids at one time. (Even, my 6’3″ grandson.) 

3.  Did you pass your driving test first time? I passed the second time, not the first. A three point turn, did me in.

4.  Does loud music from a neighbor or passing cars annoy you? I can’t stand loud music from a neighboring car. I want to tell them to get better hearing aids.

Gratitude: What has made you smile over the last seven days? Doggie antics.
And doggie cartoons


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