Reena’s Xploration Challenge #244 – Who Am I?

I am a body aging in ways I do not like
The number of places with arthritis have started to spike

I am a target for mosquitos, the one they like to bite
No matter how much I want to, I don’t go out at night

I am a grateful woman, for the places I have seen
My favorites were New Zealand and Ireland, I loved all the green

I am a mind bursting with creative ideas; I’d like to explore
Exercising my options until I find what I adore

I am a heart overflowing with love for my family and my friends
There is no limit to my caring and my love never ends

I am a woman filled with memories of pain and of joy
I keep reviewing the good ones and don’t let the bad destroy

I am an old soul, still searching for inner peace
I’m hoping that my yearning for joy will never cease

Written in response to RXC; PROMPT #244, hosted by Reena


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