Throwback Thursday – #52 – Transitions and Modifications

Maggie is leading us this week’s Throwback Thursday.. She starts us with: Part of growing up is finding you own way of self expression. This comes about in many ways so think back. Are you ready?

If you care to join us, it’s easy.

  • Write your own post sharing your memories and leave a pingback to this post in the comments.
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This week’s prompt is: Transitions and Modifications

  1. Think about your first haircut. We’re you the kid that cut your own hair? Did you go to a salon or did your parents cut your hair? Did your parents save a lock of your hair? I think I cut my bangs once. I don’t remember why, but my mom was shocked. I was maybe 4 or 5 at the time. I don’t remember going to a salon as a kid. My mom cut my stick-straight hair and did a good job. At 19, shortly after I was a first-time mom, I went to a salon and had my waist length hair cut to my chin. The stylist kept checking, after every four or five inches that she cut away, if I was sure I wanted to go shorter. I explained that I either had to stop taking care of my hair or my baby, and I chose my baby.
  2. How about shaving? Fathers often teach their sons to shave. Most girls I know, decided for themselves when to shave their legs and their underarms. Some cultures do not shave at all. I was in high school when my friends were shaving their legs. I didn’t yet need to shave my underarms, but I wanted to shave my legs. I asked my mom about shaving, and she gave me an electric shaver. It was OK, but not the clean shave I wanted. My friend R gave me a real razor and showed me how to use shaving cream to shave. It was a very funny girls day in shorts.
  3. Did you alter your clothes? Cut jeans into cut-offs? Cut the sleeves off t-shirts? Wear graphic tees? Tie-dyes? Sew patches on your jeans? I often cut my jeans into shorts. I was tall and skinny as a kid. I couldn’t stand wearing pants that weren’t long enough. Cutting them off, served as a way of needing new pants. I did many a tie-dye project in my teens, and later. My jeans had the obligatory patches of the day.
  4. Was there a time you remember challenging the authority in your household. Do you remember the first time you found your voice? I ran away once as a tween. It was more about getting away from my abusive older brother than my mom. I think stepdad number 6 was in the house. My brother was left in charge often which didn’t bode well for me. I didn’t challenge authority much because I could do whatever I pleased. My mom didn’t get home until early in the morning. I was a “good girl.”
  5. What about piercings? Girls getting their ears pierced was a rite of passage for girls. Then boys started getting one ear pierced. As time passed, piercings became more mainstream and accepted. A friend pierced my ears in 7th grade. My mom didn’t care.
  6. Did you walk on the wild side? Smoking? Drinking? Did your parents know? I tried smoking, well more taking a drag, off a cigarette twice. We were in an apartment for a short time and that’s what the kids did. I hated it. The other kids got caught and ratted out my brother and me. We denied ever smoking and avoided a heavy hand from stepdad number 6.
  7. What about tattoos? Did you get a tattoo while still living at home? Did your parents approve? I got my first tattoo at 65 and my second and last one, one month later.
  8. What about language? Was swearing allowed in your family?  Did you use the same language around your friends as you did at home with your family? I got my mouth soaped once as kid. I cussed at my mom and that was my punishment. I am sure I earned it. I cussed with some friends, but not often.  
  9. Think back to high school. Girls, did you iron your hair? Did you color your hair? (using Sun-in counts!) Guys, did you grow a beard or moustache? Did you grow your hair long? Feel free to share a photo of yourself back in the day. I foolishly tried to iron my already stick-straight hair in high. All I ended up with was fried hair. I used Sun-In often as a teen. It gave me very nice blond streaks. I colored my hair as an adult to try different looks. I gave that up decades ago. I like the look of purple in my hair. I am in water physical therapy so I can’t use the rinse out color anymore.
  10. Many people think our authentic self is the person we were as young children. Are you still inherently the same person you were as a child, or have you changed your personality and demeanor along the way? I am a much, much happier person today than I was as a child. I speak up for myself more and try not to allow people to walk all over me.

10 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – #52 – Transitions and Modifications

  1. I always heard of people getting their mouth washed out with soap but never ‘new anyone who had experienced it. That must have been awful. You can never trust other kids to keep kid secrets! I am glad you avoided punishment. Did your friend do the ice cube/needle to pierce your ears?


  2. A fascinating snapshot of your childhood, Lauren…not dissimilar to mine in some ways although I never had a stepdad…or pierced my own ears although my auntie did hers using a cork I wasn’t that brave and still haven’t had a tattoo although I do like them…But we mainly survive like you did…:)

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