d’Verse Haibun Monday – Look Up

                    Merril’s prompt for Haibun Monday at d’Verse is Looking Up.

Today began with hopes of a perfect Monday morning. I accomplished numerous household chores before my water physical therapy appointment. The pool water was actually too warm on this hot August day. I decided to reward myself after my workout, with two tacos from the hole in the wall restaurant that I love. As I left with my to-go bag, I thought I saw raindrops on the ground. I looked up, and to my sheer delight the sky opened up with much needed showers. I purposely stood in the rain for a few moments, laughing at the fact that just a little while before I was toweling off from my swim exercises. Now, I stood enjoying the cool raindrops. I returned to the dryness of my car to avoid soggy tacos. Sadly, ten minutes away there was no rain. My drive home was unaccompanied by the much-needed liquid sunshine.

Dry cracked ground waiting
Thirsty flowers withering
Drought troubles the earth





29 thoughts on “d’Verse Haibun Monday – Look Up

  1. Always the way it is you get it where you don’t want it, and where you want it you don’t get it. The merry go round of life. I enjoyed your piece here fine writing.

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  2. A lovely haibun–the pool, tacos, and tiny bit of rain.
    We had that the other day–driving through a downpour ten minutes from our house, and the ground was dry when we got home!

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  3. Wonderful. There are times when I’ve stood in the rain and contemplated, It’s a beautiful feeling to simply lose yourself to it, albeit for a short while. Perhaps you’re a pluviophile. I think I’m one. I loved the haiku too.


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