Projects, Pains, and Painting

I spend hours each morning, when I’m physically capable, outside. After feeding and playing with Annie, I decide what project I want to attack. There is a vast amount of work to be done in my back yard. Suffice it to say, that if I had money to burn, I’d hire out many of the tasks.

I’m not certain exactly when I had my SO extend the large ladder for me. To my recollection, the Little Giant ladder has been up for almost a year waiting for me to paint my balcony. I made the decision to devote the three weeks he was driving to Canada to see his mom, to working on my project. I figured I could knock out the chore in the allotted time. I knew the time would fly by quickly, so I set an area goal when I started each morning.

Before he left, we put up a three-foot deep kiddie pool so I could cool off during this awful heat. Moving the ladder in the restrictive space was very difficult for me. After working in my yard each morning, I go in the pool. Each night I go in the pool again and then cover it, so the critters don’t go swimming. I do not like to share my space with uninvited guests.

I was hindered working because of my broken toe. I’ve only been able to wear adjustable sandals because of my taped pinkie toe. Right after he left, I hurt the same foot again. I climbed off the ladder, took off my sandals, and got the hose to water my planters. Stupidly, I smacked the same foot into the heavy ladder. This time I was sure I rebroke the pinkie toe as well as two or three other toes. I fell to the ground in tears. Knowing the protocol, I taped the toes and then iced them. This put a damper on my plans to get everything done on time.

On Monday, Annie stepped on my taped foot and I thought I was going to pass out. I called my doctor’s office Tuesday and was able to get a telemedical visit with the NP. She sent an order to the medical clinic so I could get an x-ray. I made the drive to get the x-ray ASAP.  I was told there would be a 24-hour turnaround time for the results. I called Thursday and then again Friday trying to get the results. Each time, I was told I would be getting a call back. I still haven’t heard anything. Gotta love medical offices.

Doing a little each day meant I was able to sand, fill, scrape, use Bondo, sand again, prime, and paint the wood. Yesterday, I finished the front and the left side. I am proud of myself for not continuing past my pain threshold. I take days away from my chore as needed. My body decides what I will be able to accomplish.

Today was a do-nothing day. It is the 7th anniversary of my mom’s passing. I spent the day thinking of all the great memories I made with my mom. Typically, I only go shopping early in the morning. Today, I went to the store in the afternoon to get supplies for her and my favorite lunch. It felt good to make a Reuben sandwich in her honor. It was nice seeing the Shutterfly memories of 6 years ago when I went to Michigan to visit her sister and my cousin. It was comforting getting messages from loved ones who remembered the date. I am feeling blessed.

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  1. Now that sounds very painful! I once opened a heavy farm gate and it dropped on my foot, I expected it to swing open. It broke a couple of my toes, that was bad enough, your accidents sound awful!

    You’ve done a lot of linking here, very clever. Thank you, Lauren for including our Weekly Prompts challenges.

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