w3 Prompt 12 Weave Written Weekly – Memories

I love the memories of my daughters when they were adorable babies
I relish the reminiscences of spending time with my grandparents
I cherish the memories of my grandbabies experiencing many of their firsts
I enjoy remembering the celebrations I’ve shared with loved ones
I have wonderful recollections of visiting places far, far from home
I treasure the loving visits I shared with my mom in her later years
I take delight in thinking about the emotional strength given to me by my tribe
I appreciate all the four legged souls that have touched my heart
I am thankful for all the times loved ones have shown their care for me
I am indebted to authors that helped changed my life for the better
I am fortunate to continue learning how to care for the little girl inside of me

Tseverywhere - good memories good memories everywhere

In response to the Wea’ve Written Weekly prompt on Skeptics Kaddish. This week’s prompt poem is “Manilla” by Michelle Navajas. Please read Michelle’s poem and join in on the prompt by visiting the post here.

Mich’s prompt guidelines are:
12 lines of free verse
must include the adjective “adorable”

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