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Linda is our wonderful hostess for SoCS. She says:
Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “bagged.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

When I saw the topic, I wondered what on earth I could write about. My first thought was “bagged” as in drunk. I don’t drink alcohol so that didn’t make sense.

I then thought about all the extra stuff I bagged up and donated to the thrift store. I had bagged seven or eight large donation bags with scrapbooks already in my garage. After it got too hot outside to work, I went to my sewing room. I’ve cleaned out that room numerous times. There is still much that needs to go. I bagged up 12, 18-inch dolls to be included in my donation. I had purchased them at thrift stores to re-gift with clothes I made for them. I enjoy making doll clothes. I kept 5 of my favorites to give as gifts this next holiday. I also bagged up fabric to give to a friend who makes quilts of valor for veterans. The linen closet is outside my sewing room. I figured I should see if there was anything that needed to be donated in there. I found a few purses that fit the bill.

One item I found in my sewing closet was outdoor stuffing. I had torn apart some outdoor cushions when the exterior fabric was too far gone. I bagged the stuffing to be used later. I am very much a reuse and recycle person.

By the time I finished all my gathering, I had 24 bags to take to the thrift store. I dropped off the fabric to my friend first, then continued to the thrift store. I rarely donate to the Goodwill near my house. I know that they do not treat their workers well and make huge profits that go into their own pockets. Instead, I make the trek to the Veterans Thrift Store. I want my donation going somewhere that helps those in need. The gentleman collecting the items brough over 4 grocery carts in total to take my donations. Then he told me he had no donation receipts and wanted to know if I wanted my things back. I laughed and told him I didn’t need the receipt. It was my chuckle for the day.

I had to come inside early these last few days. The heat meant I could not stay outside long. I decided to make Annie another outside bed. I brought two old seat cushions I stored in my garage upstairs. I hand sewed them together. Then I added some of the stuffing in the crease area. I sewed a patch on both sides to keep the cushion even. Then I sewed a thin layer of outdoor fabric to the bed. I used scraps from my outdoor fabric bag to make a cover for my project. Unfortunately, the fabric was super thick, and I broke something on my machine. Tomorrow, I will take it to the repair shop. I NEED my sewing machine. I had to finish enclosing the cover by hand. I don’t think Annie will care that the last part is not machine sewed.

The blog is now, in the bag.


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  1. Thanks for being a reuse, recycle, donate person. I love how you made the dog bed. My Marley chews up his bed sometimes. I’ve sewn it back together which made it smaller and have made a new cover for it. I’ll be keeping an eye out for some old cushions.

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    1. There are often outdoor lounge cushions at thrift stores. I go to a laundromat that has giant machines and wash them. Then I make my covers with outdoor fabric. Annie has beds in most rooms as well as a couple outside.

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