Share Your World – July 4

Melanie is our hostess for Share Your World. Annie and I are chillin” inside, as the fireworks are going on outside.

1) What do you think it means to be healthy? I think it means to not have lots of medicines in your kitchen and in your bathroom, to keep you afloat.

2) Is being obsessive about someone or something a good thing? By definition, an obsessive behavior is a bad thing.

3) After a disagreement with your S.O., do you initiate the make-up conversation or wait for your S.O. to do it? It depends on who was in the wrong.

4) Have you ever done something incredibly embarrassing in front of a huge crowd?  Feel free to share details or not.  Some things are best left in the closet.. The only thing that comes to mind, was once when I was attending a back-to-school meeting with the entire school district. I started to have a panic attack due to feeling claustrophobic. I exited the building and didn’t really care who saw me leave. 

GRATITUDE SECTION (As always, optional)
What’s your sweetest memory from childhood?

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