5 Things Tuesday – Regrets

Dr. Tanya brings us the question, “What are 5 things you regret buying?”

I often get involved with a craft, and then don’t stay with it long enough.

1) I’ve purchased hundreds of wooden rubber stamps. I’ve only used a fraction of them. I got hooked on House Mouse stamps. As new ones came out, I made the drive to the special stamp store and bought it. I’ve used maybe 4 of them. They are very intricate to color once stamped. I decided they did not bring me joy.
2) I purchased tons of supplies for embossing. I made some terrific cards with my supplies. After about 20 or so, I lost interest. I still have all the supplies and no desire to use them.
3) I have purchased some costly shoes at The Good Feet Store. I knew they irritated my feet in the store and foolishly thought they would loosen up. They did not! I donated them.
What to Expect | Free Fitting & Test Walk | The Good Feet Store
4) I’ve made the mistake of occasionally purchasing a second copy of a book that looks interesting. I’ve come home to find the same book in my TBR stack. Luckily, this hasn’t happened too often.

5) I have some fabric stashed in my sewing room closet. Sometimes, when I look through my stash, I wonder what was I thinking. Sometimes, I’ve bought fabric for a specific project and changed my mind. I made three Hanukkah quilts a few years ago. I purchased backing material on sale. I still have leftover fabric. (about 15 to 20 yards) I’d sure like to find a place to donate the fabric.
Four Seasons Winter Blue Happy Hanukkah Menorah Batik Fabric - Anthology  Fabrics | My Favorite Quilt Store




15 thoughts on “5 Things Tuesday – Regrets

  1. I’ve only done embossing once and that was when I was initially introduced to card making. I am
    wondering if maybe I should take my cards in a new direction. The things I used were specific papers and a roller with the pattern inserted into it. It was always beyond my budget, but maybe I should look into it. Can I use any plain paper for the pattern to take?

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