Throwback Thursday – #42 – Your Relationship With Money

I’m back to encourage you think about your younger days. I know everyone had  experience with money growing up. Travel back into the way back machine, to think about how you developed your relationship with money.

It is well known that kids who are taught about money usually grow up to respect the value of the money they earn. We aren’t doing kids a favor when we hand them everything they want. When children are old enough to ask for things, they are old enough to have some understanding of money and its limited availability. Let’s look back to what ways you developed a relationship with money.

If you care to join us, it’s easy.

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How do grownups get a savings account? "It comes in the mail."How do grownups get money from the bank? "Well, usually they just type in some numbers how many money they need." Where does the bank get its money? "Well, a machine just makes it."
Kids have some interesting theories about money.

This week’s prompt is: Your Relationship With Money

1) At what age do you remember handling your own money?
2) Did you have a piggy bank to add coins to?
3) Did you get an allowance and/or get paid for doing chores?
4) How did you earn money for things you wanted?
5) Did you have jobs outside your house to earn money? What did you do?
6) Were you more of a spender or a saver as a kid?
7) Were you aware of the financial situation your parents were raising you in?
8) Did you understand the difference between needs and wants when it came to asking your parents for things?
9) Did you ever “save up” for a special item that you wanted? What was it?
10) Did you have a savings account as a child?
11) Was there anything you routinely spent your own money on when growing up?

It’s past midnight and I am exhausted. I’ll be back in the morning to respond.
I look forward to your replies.



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  1. I had a money box from the building society, to which dad said he had no key. Imagine my shock when I picked the lock (breaking it in the process) and rather than thanking me, he smacked me!


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