W3 Prompt #6: Wea’ve Written Weekly – Hopscotch

The lovely prompt poem is here:   ‘Family’, by Britta Benson

Hopscotch gatherings of twice removed ties,
stubborn hearts strung, as the drunken crow flies.
Comings and goings, swift handshakes, goodbyes,
we harbour ghosts, truth, iridescent lies.
Hope never tires, surprise never dies.
Tidied mess? Work in progress? Compromise?
Hub of kindness, chances, crunch hugs and cries.
You’re welcome, want it or not, we’re the prize!

Britta’s prompt guideline: Write a poem Any length, any style, using one of the words in her poem as a title for your poem.


Step one toward the end, ready to go
Step two now, not much closer though
Step three carefully moving forward slow
Steps four and five don’t set your no sights to low
Step six is next, always be thorough
Steps seven and eight, moving with gusto
Step nine you’ve made it, now bask in the afterglow

Free illustrations of Jumping game

Hopscotch or Life? Written for David’s W3 Prompt 6.


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  1. Your poem brings back happy memories, also the competitiveness of hopscotch. You captured it beautifully, from ‘ready to go’, to ‘moving with gusto’, and eventually ‘now bask in the afterglow’. Loved your take on the prompt, Lauren!

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