dVerse Quadrille Monday – I Cannot Sleep

Sarah is today’s host for dVerse’ Quadrille Monday. Sarah says:
Well, tonight we’re quadrilling, and, yes – sleep is the word. You can use any variant you like – sleep, asleep, sleeping, sleepy… – just so long as your poem is 44 words long and contains that elusive sleep word.

There’s a wrinkle in the sheet
I cannot sleep
My arm weighs too much
I cannot sleep
My back is aching
I cannot sleep
My pillow’s uncomfortable
I cannot sleep
My jaw is locking
I cannot sleep
I see the sunrise
I cannot sleep


26 thoughts on “dVerse Quadrille Monday – I Cannot Sleep

  1. I’m glad you only had 44 words! That list can go on and on – the repetition works really well here (and brave in such a short poem!) – the grind of insomnia, the trying and failing to fall – very well drawn.

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