Live to tell, or: Breathe – A Repost from – The Skeptic’s Kaddish

These amazing poems should be read by everyone. The pandemic is by no means over. I tried to reblog the poems, but could not. So instead, I copied and pasted.

‘No, Covid is Not Gone Yet!’ a poem by Robert J Jr. of ‘Robert’s Snap Spot’

Unexpected change in life.

Emergency Room. Doom. Crying.
Pneumonia in Lungs. Not the fatal end… Huh! Sent home

Emergency Room. Admitted to COVID-19 ward, husband can visit.
Sunday, COVID ward, “COVID-19 Ward… No visit except EOL!

FaceTime becomes life. Lung doctors, Blood clots and ultra sounds.
Five times daily. No day spa.

Lung doctors, discharged oxygen “portable” and medications. Home! Ten steep steps up to apartment!

Hum of oxygen machine, air hose trailing. Taken breathing for granted?
Home Build lungs back. Walking slow, hose trailing.

Apartment second floor. Bridesmaids cackle, laugh under window, tourist! Did I mention unexpected change life?

Sit at the edge of the bed, Ok, Breathe.
Sit at the end of my favorite wingback chair, Ok, Breathe.

Stand up, slowly. Steady feet. Ok, Breathe.
Slow walk to the dining room table. Slow walk to the bathroom. Breathe.

Remember there is an oxygen hose always trailing. Over the your ears, in your nose.
Yes! Breathe! In the through the nose, then blow out the birthday candle. Breathe.

‘Cyrch A Chwta’ poem by David ben Alexander of ‘The Skeptic’s Kaddish’

COVID, a new worldwide hell,
has left scores of tales to tell.
Death counts continue to swell...
many bid loved ones farewell.
Victims with damaged brain cells;
some can neither taste nor smell;
some short of breath or in pain...
Struck by strains none could foretell. 

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