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Melanie is our host for Share Your World. It’s late but I wanted to answer her questions before heading off to sleep.

  1. What two totally normal things become really weird if you do them back to back? I have to admit to going out for a donut after having my physical. 
  2. What is something that you just recently realized that you are embarrassed by, that you didn’t realize embarrassed you?  I’m stumped by this one. 
  3. If  Australia (including New Zealand and Tasmania – which I KNOW are different countries) seafood ; the UK fish and chips, Ireland potatoes, Germany little dog sausages, the USA burgers and fries, and Brazil barbequed beef or Italy pizza were represented by one food, which would it be for each?
  4. What might happen if Goldilocks and the Three Bears were set in modern times? Their lawyers would be billing them for thousands of dollars worth of billable hours.
  5. Where was the most most embarrassing or inappropriate place you’ve passed audible gas? Having my adjustment at the chiropractor.

GRATITUDE SECTION: If you celebrate it, how was your Mother’s Day?  What did you do?   If you don’t (because you’re a single guy or it’s not in your culture) please share something fun you did recently.
My SO and I tried to go out for lunch. My first choice had a special menu (read over priced) for the usual items and  a 15% additional charge because it was Mother’s Day. We left, at my insistence. The second place had no parking places which I took as the universe not wanting us to go there. Right down the street was the deli I used to love to go to since I was a kid. There was only one other table there. We split a sub sandwich and had beverages. It was wonderful. By the time we left, there was a long line waiting to order and pick up large party platters. it was perfect. 


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  1. Thanks Lauren for Sharing Your World. I love deli sandwiches, I wish they had a decent one here. What a great lunch, stress-free, reasonable cost and good company, plus a GREAT sandwich. Bliss! Some of these questions this week are stumpers, but I thought it was a fun mix to sort of lighten things up a little. Yep, I suspect Ms. Goldilocks would be arrested, and sue the bears for something that happened while she was in their house, and they’d counter-sue and oh my! Life as we currently know it, right? Have a fabulous week!

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