Throwback Thursday #37 – Musical Taste

Maggie is at the helm today. We are back to our usual groove with lots of things to think about. Hop on over to Maggie’s post to read all the guidelines, questions, and ways to join in.

This week’s prompt is: Discovering Your Musical Taste

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When I was a kid, we had a large piece of furniture that had a radio, record player, and speakers in it. It was scratchy and lacked quality. My mom listened to twangy country music. To me it sounded like cats in heat. I hated it. I thought all country music was the same. It was a good way to get me to retreat to my bedroom.

As a tween I would turn in soda bottles to earn enough money to buy 45s. I remember needing to buy spiders too. All my 45s had their own spider. Bio-dad purchased my first portable record player for me.  It was the only time I ever shopped with him. I was thrilled. I’ve blogged about it before. He offered to buy me three albums to go with it. I wanted all three to be Beatles albums. He refused, telling me they would never about too much and were just a passing phase. I never did get the opportunity to rub his face in it. LOL

My first collection was 45s. I had quite a few of them. When I was a teen, I had cassette tapes galore. I would attempt to make my own mixed taped off the radio. Of course, the DJs liked to talk during part of the song so you couldn’t get a good recording.  I had an 8-track player in my Hornet, when my kids were little. I never had one in the house. I still remember wondering where I could go to have an 8-track specially recorded, like you could do on a cassette. I was determined to make each track specific to my traveling needs. One track would be my voice repeatedly saying, “leave your sister alone.” The next would be, “I told you to stop that.” The next would be, “keep your hands to yourself.” You get the idea. The last track would be, “cut it out or I’m turning the car around and we’re going home.” Of course, eventually, I started buying CDs.

As an adolescent I adored the Beatles of course. I also listened to Herman’s Hermits, the Beach Boys, the Doors, the Monkeys, CCR, the Who, the Grateful Dead, the Eagles, Simon and Garfunkel, to name a few. My mom hated my music with a passion. I would play my music loud in my bedroom at the back of the house.

I started going to concerts as a teen because my best friend’s mom had tickets to most everything at the Forum in LA. I was reluctant to go see Johnny Cash because he sang country music. I went and was thrilled with the performance. It changed my mind about hating all country music. Some was tolerable. I saw Engelbert Humperdinck too. I had no idea who he was when I agreed to go to the concert. It was wonderful. I was exposed to numerous styles of music because of my friend. She also had tickets to other musicals. I saw Robert Goulet and The Mammas and the Papas at the Carousal. I was thrilled to go to concerts. It was nothing my family could ever afford.

Now, I listen to music in the car and when I am cleaning. I would listen to music at work during my prep period. I always listened to music when I was studying. It made my studying easier. I like to listen to different music when I am in different moods. Acid rock is my favorite when I am deep cleaning.

As I have aged, cough, cough, I listen to a greater variety of music. My favorite is soft rock. I still rarely enjoy instrumentals. My walls were adorned with Beatles posters exclusively.

I do not now, nor have I ever used Spotify. This old dog is still listening to music in the old-school fashion.

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  1. Back in the early days of Sark’s message board, we often exchanged mix tapes and later mix CDs. I still have one a friend in Australia made for me. Sorry you did not get all three Beatles albums.

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