Haibun Wednesday, May 4, 2022

There’s Always Time For Change, Until There Isn’t

After water therapy today, I used my phone’s navigation to find the best way to get to my next destination. It took me on a route I had never taken before. My mind was preoccupied with thoughts about things I needed to do. My worry list was quite long. But as I journeyed, I couldn’t help noticing all the beautiful spring flowers on the new route. I always feel new hope when I see the flowers in bloom. I was very aware that my jaw temporarily unclenched.

Then I traveled past a cemetery I had never seen before. I was stopped near the entrance at a red light. It was just long enough to change my attitude. I remembered that I had time to do whatever I could until I ended up a member of that community.

Planting many seeds
Waiting for large sunflowers
Searching for the light

Written For Haibun Wednesday at Go Dog Go Cafe

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