Haibun Monday – April 25 – Birds


It’s Haibun Monday at dVerse Poets Pub. Frank asks us to and create a Haibun (prose/haiku combo) incorporating some Bird Songs imagery…

My backyard has always been a place for birds to stay away from. I’ve had Brittany Spaniels in the past and they are great bird dogs. My last Brittany rescue had to have an eye removed before we got him. I was told he had been a hunting dog, but probably could not do that anymore. I assured the foundation that I would never hunt, and as long as he could maneuver stairs I still wanted him. Much to my surprise and dismay, he caught some birds midair and presented them to me. I was not a happy camper, but could not blame him for doing what he had previously been trained to do.



My one-eyed wonder caught birds midair.

After five years with no pets, I was finally ready to accept another dog into my home. Losing my one-eyed-wonder was devastating. Annie came into our lives. Annie is part lab and lots of mutt. I adore her. I don’t think I would have been OK during Covid without her. Since her arrival, my yard is often visited by birds. She could not care less about them being in the yard. As I hear the lovey songs of the birds nesting on my patio eves, I know I don’t need to worry. Annie and I will swing outside while the birds come and go. They are more bothered by my presence than Annie’s.

Luckily, Annie has no desire to go after the lovely birds.

Spring brings backyard songs
I can’t identify them
I just enjoy them

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