April 25- Scrapbooking Letter U for Unique & Unfinished Pages

Animal Alphabet Letter U for Urchin Square Rubber Stamp Stamping Scrapbooking Crafting - Small 1.25inU is for Scrapbooking Unique Pages & Unfinished Work

One of the things I like best about scrapbooking, is that my pages are unique. Even if I follow a template, I change it up to make it mine. My subject matter is unique to me, as are my color choices and picture sizes.

Making alphabet scrapbooks is a fun way to use up a variety of pictures. I purchased a set of 12-inch stencil letters many years ago. I could fill the letters up with photos or my favorite scrapbook patterned paper. I could add pictures outside or on the large letter. My thought was to fill each letter with photos using that letter. Later, I found that you can obtain the large letters for free online. The big letters can become a unique style element.

I was thinking of pictures I have that could fit in the letter U. I could include pictures of my kids/grandkids with umbrellas, when they were unhappy, when they were running upstairs, when they were with my uncle, when they graduated from their selective universities, when they were wearing uniforms, and when my spouse turned them upside down.
Again, templates can be purchased.

Because I strive to have my pages be unique, I sometimes have to stop scrapbooking for extended periods of time. When I look at a page and have no ideas, I know it’s time to let things rest for awhile. Needless to say, this leads to many unfinished scrapbook projects.

U can scrapbook too
You’ll enjoy the memories
And be creative





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  1. I suppose this is what makes a scrapbook so interesting. You can turn the page and never know what creativity appears on the page. I like the oversized letters.

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