Throwback Thursday – #35 – Going, Going, Gone

Maggie is hosting our Throwback Thursday this week. If you’d like to join in, hop on over to her blog to read the how to and guidelines.

“This week’s prompt is: Things I Miss
This week think about objects or places you miss having in your life. It could be a favorite toy, a photograph, a favorite hang-out, a favorite store or shop, a collectible, a favorite pair of jeans, or old movie ticket stubs. It can be anything your little heart desires. Write about one thing or write about a few. You’re running the show this week!”

I miss many things, and of course many I don’t miss. 

I miss the dogs I’ve had in my life. The unique love from a pet is unreplaceable. I have many fond memories of each dog I’ve owned, or should I say has owned me.

I miss being able to go into a movie theatre or dining in a restaurant. I lost the ability tp do these things long before Covid. Fragrance allergies took the simple pleasures away from me. While I love to watch DVDs (I am not into streaming) in the comfort of my own home, some flicks are better on the big screen.   

I miss my best friends from middle and high school. One passed away in a tragic car accident and the other moved away after high school. I loved it when my mom, at 70, got an email account and found many of the friends she had gone to high school with. I’ve not had that pleasure.   

Most of all, I miss my health. I miss not being able to run and jump and swim like I did as a kid. I miss waking up in the morning in no pain. I miss feeling like I could concur the world. 

16 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – #35 – Going, Going, Gone

  1. Animals are such big parts of our lives. I miss my pets, too. Good friends are rare. I understand missing them, too. Oddly enough, I do not enjoy the fancy theaters with the reclining chais. They used to drive my vertigo crazy!

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  2. Animals are a wonderful and huge part of our lives and we owe them so much.
    I also understand your loss of friends and health.
    The fragrance allergy sounds like a real pain it must stop you doing a lot!
    He ho at least we are still standing.. almost 💜🤣🤣🤣🤣

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