April 20 – Scrapbooking Letter Q for Quilt Patterns

letter q png Q is for Scrapbooking with Quilt Patterns

I was always looking for new layouts when I made my scrapbooks. I was making multiple books for family and friends of the same events. Silly me, did not repeat the layouts on everyone’s pages. When I found pages that looked like quilts, I was hooked. Many I found that others had done, only used a few pictures. While they are beautiful, I typically like to add more pictures to my pages.


I found this online. Mosaic Moments Quilt blocks using the 5 SQ Blocking Die Set
Layouts are special
When they differ from the norm
They feel comforting

10 thoughts on “April 20 – Scrapbooking Letter Q for Quilt Patterns

  1. I completely understand you did not want to use the same layouts on the books you gave to each friend or family member about the same occasion. I’d never heard of quilt patterns in scrapbooking though.

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