April 19 – Scrapbooking Letter P for Patterned Paper

Letter, Rust, Writing, Module, PP is for Scrapbooking with Patterned Papers

I feel like a broken record sometimes. When I started with CM they only used acid free one color papers in their scrapbooks. They soon added their own line of patterned papers. The problem was, theirs were not full sized, When I started going to scrapbooking stores, I was in heaven. In the beginning, I was afraid of using bold patterns for much of anything. Now I am happily addicted to patterns galore.

I would travel to scrapbooking stores near and far. Whenever I would purchase a patterned paper I would buy coordinating solid paper to go with it. My addiction to buying paper got so bad, I had to purchase IKEA cabinets to hold my stash. The lower part of one cabinet has eight large drawers filled with paper categorized by colors. It makes it easy for me to go to the correct drawer when I need something specific. In addition to my drawers, I also have storage containers that are organized by themes. These do not have any solid papers in them. They do contain patterned paper, stickers, and die cuts that go with the theme.

The ones I use most often are:
Amusement Parks
Beach (I have two containers for this topic)
Flowers/ Gardening
Jewish Holidays



Pretty patterns provide prominent details to pictures.


7 thoughts on “April 19 – Scrapbooking Letter P for Patterned Paper

  1. We have a friend who lives in England. He and his daughter ran a scrapbooking store for several years. He came to visit us, and I had to take him to a specific store in Connecticut so he could buy some paper that wasn’t available in England. That was when I realized how important the right paper is.

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    1. What a fun thing to run a store for scrapbooking. Many years ago my spouse and I took a road trip from Southern CA to Toronto stopping at scrapbooking stores fot me and stereo stores for him. I was the only one that bought stuff along the entire trip. 😆

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