April 14 – Scrapbooking Letter L for Lettering

Abc, Alphabet, Smiley, Letters, Read, To LearnL is for Scrapbooking Lettering

When I started scrapbooking I typically used the alphabet stickers. I stoked up on tons of colors and styles. It still wasn’t enough variety for me though. I subscribed to numerous magazines and often they would include lettering styles to use on your pages. I tried many and enjoyed the special touches they provided to make my scrapbooks unique. Later computer programs came out with tons of lettering styles. I enjoyed making my titles and then printing them on acid free paper. I also learned how to use the outline of the alphabet stickers on my pages. A favorite technique that I use is to cut out large letters using the pictures from the place I traveled too. Variety is important to me.


Add unique letters
To make your pages special
Variety’s fun


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