April 13 – Scrapbooking Letter K for Kids

Letters, Abc, Training, Kangaroo, Alphabet, Literacy
K is for Scrapbooking Your Kids

Planning and making pleasant preparations for Passover
took precedence over preparing and publishing my post.

Originally, I planned to write about scrapbooking the day-to-day events with your kids and not just special occasions. While looking for pictures to include in this post, and believe me, there are many, I had an epiphany. What I noticed, is that I wish there were more pictures of me with my kids. As they got older, we took more together. I am grateful for that. My advice for today is to take lots of pictures with your kids, not just of them.


Children are our love
We hold on to memories
Include yourself too


11 thoughts on “April 13 – Scrapbooking Letter K for Kids

  1. Yes, we really should make sure we have some photos of ourselves with our family. I never like my own photos, and am usually the one taking the picture. I do have some though. 🙂

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    1. Those I posted are all I could find in 20 years of photos. I hate having my picture taken and I am always the one taking them, so… I do wish there were more.

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  2. Very good advice Lauren. And another thing I’d say is to have hard copies of these photos because it’s so easy to lose digital data. Love your pics with your kids.

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