April 12 – Scrapbooking Letter J for Journaling

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J is for Scrapbooking With Journaling

To me, the second most important thing in a scrapbook, after the pictures, is journaling. I typically make my scrapbook page with my favorite pictures. To be honest, I have trouble narrowing down which pictures to use. I like too many of them.

Pictures are awesome. We take them to remember events in our lives. I take photos of everyday things as well as important occasions. If I want to remember more than just the visual, I will add journaling to the page.

Visiting friends who got two little puppies, was worth remembering.
Having dinner at the top of the Space Needle in Seattle needed some journaling.
Having just the picture of the time my daughter took me up in a bi-plane wouldn’t have been enough. The page needed the journaling to explain why I did it.
I am not thrilled with my handwriting, so often I would journal on my computer, print it out on acid free paper, and glue it to my page. Having dinner at the Skylon Tower was another first that I wanted journaled. I had never been to Niagra Falls before.
Exploring Canada was terrific. The Bay of Fundy was amazing. There were so many firsts for me in this year. The journaling details many of our stops.
The Phenomenal Bay of Fundy - Bay of FundyLooking back on photos and journaling from the first time I went to the Getty Museum has such special memories to me. My aunt and uncle took us to our first trip there. Without the journaling, that memory might not have been easy to recall.

Very few pages in my numerous scrapbooks have an entire page of journaling. While we were in Canada, after leaving Prince Edward Island we drove too long and it got too late to get a hotel. We ended up in Halifax. We were on our way to Peggy’s Cove. The bus boy and waitress were ending their shift. This was before cell phones. They tried to find us a place to stay. After numerous negative replies they offered to have us to stay at their house. It was a major construction zone. We were exhausted. Our other option was to sleep in our car. I had no desire to do that. I just had  to  I had to journal the bizarre experience where we ended up staying the night with perfect strangers in their house. It was very out of character for me.  I typed out the details to add it my Canadian  vacation memories. Tour Map


Write the specifics
Bring all the pictures to life
Your words explain all

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