Rory’s Weekend Quickies – April 11

Rory asks us his Weekend Quickies.

10 Questions for you to answer as you so see fit!

1) Name one sport that is already dangerous but would be lethal if you were naked? American football would probably be deadly if played naked.

2) If l had three bananas in my right pocket and 17 grapes in my left pocket what would l have in my back pocket? You’d probably have the grocery police after you for stealing.

3) How many animals were aboard Noah’s Ark? Two of every animal except humans, Noah had his family along. What I really want to know, is why they didn’t leave the cockroaches off the boat.

4) What is the second largest organ in your body and could you live without it? The second largest organ is the liver. You must have some of it, but not necessarily all of it. 

5) What is the most reckless thing you have ever done as an adult? I’ve climbed up on the roof of my 2 1/2 story house, in the rain, stapling tarp. I haven’t done it in awhile (20 years) because I know I’d kill myself if I did it today.

6) I came, l saw and l didn’t …. [what?] Remember why I was there, so I went back home.

7) What are 5 ways to keep warm when lost outside in a snowstorm with a stranger? Oh gosh, I would never be out in a snowstorm. Let’s see I guess you might just need to get to know the stranger very well, very fast and the cigarette afterwards might keep you warm a few more minutes. LOL

8) How does your mind work – what am l talking about if these words are used – Melons, Jugs, bubbles and orbs? Being a man, I ‘d have to bet that you are talking about women’s breasts. Being a woman. I’d think you might be talking about things in a fortunes teller’s place of business.

9) Which language are these words and terms from? – ankle biter, strewth, bludger, sunnies barbie, nuddy, furphy and woop woop? My guess would be Australian, but it’s just a guess. I had a friend in Australia that used the word strewth.

10) Do you prefer to ring my bell, push the button, knock on wood or walk on by and why did you select your choice? I’d walk on by, because right now I stay away from everyone.

Bonus Question
Who said, “It’s just a flesh wound?” And who were they talking to? I have no clue.


11 thoughts on “Rory’s Weekend Quickies – April 11

  1. Good answers Lauren 🙂

    Breasts? No, l was talking about water 🙂 You know like ‘watermelon’, water jugs, water bubbles and water orbs. Breasts honestly Lauren, what are you like??

    Ah yes the cigarette afterwards had best be warm and long too.

    A Tarp in the wet wind, hahaha l recenly saw a video of a guy fixing a tarp in the wind and the wind took him and the roof together!

    I found the clip —

    Thanks for playing along.


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