April 8 – Scrapbooking Letter G for Glue

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G is for Scrapbooking Using Glue

When I started scrapbooking I used CM products. They offered a few different ways to adhere photos and decorations to the scrapbook page. One item was a tape runner. The good part of the tape runner was that it was not very messy. The bad part was that it would get stuck in the channel and a lot of the tape would be wasted trying to fix it. Then they had photos splits. Now I see that they carry tape chips. All of these require dexterity that I don’t always have. They can dry out and be difficult to use.
The Tape Runner - Creative Memories  Image 1 - Creative Memories Photo Splits Double-Sided Self-Adhesive 800 pc Dispenser Box Creative Memories scrapbook adhesive - Tape Chips

After trying the products CM offered I searched for something better. The answer was simple. I started buying scrapbooking glue. The one below is the best one I have tried. It is safe for photos and paper. If you apply it and allow it to dry a bit, it is repositionable. If you apply it to your picture and immediately place it on your page, it is permanent. The glue has been a  life changer for me. I can create my pages much faster now. I used to be able to find it at Michael’s stores. Now, I have to use Amazon because I don’t enjoy going on the great glue hunt.

The negative about the glue is that surprise, surprise, it gets sticky on my fingers. The advantage is the ease of usage. As long as I order it in time, I don’t need to go searching for more glue.


21 thoughts on “April 8 – Scrapbooking Letter G for Glue

  1. Oooh, sorry to be jumping in on your AtoZ so late. You inspire me to start paper crafting again. I really wish I hadn’t thrown away all my cardmaking/scrapbooking/paper crafting supplies, particularly my Big Shot embossing machine. As for glue, I completely feel you about all the different adhesives.

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    1. Glad you commented. I did have a time when I was burnt out on scrapbooking. I have more supplies than many scrapbook stores. I hope to use up most of it before moving.

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  2. I’ve used all kinds of glue on pages before. They are all different, some better than others. I have scrapbooks going back to when I was probably 9 years old. I probably used mucilage and also white school glue. These pages have stood the test of time, believe it or not! haha 🙂

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  3. I’ve seen people use repositionable glue in woodworking to hold a template to a piece of wood long enough to work with it. They also use double-sided tape, but I’m certain that isn’t acid free.

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